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Frequently Asked Questions About High Pressure Laminates: Answered

Frequently Asked Questions About High Pressure Laminates: Answered - CenturyPly

Interior decor would be incomplete without high-pressure decorative laminates or HPLs. With its rising popularity, they have become a cornerstone of modern living. Perfect for your home and office, laminates are the ultimate interior decor solution to create a stylish and modern space. These sophisticated and stylish laminates can make any room look more vibrant, inviting, and warm.

When you are in the process of buying high pressure laminates, you can always count on the quality & range of CenturyLaminates to fulfill your interior decor needs. We will be answering some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about high pressure laminates to make that decision even easier for you.

Q 1. What are high pressure laminates?

Answer: Decorative laminates are specially designed laminated sheets of kraft papers and decorative printed papers fused together using pressure and heat. These decorative sheets can be used to add stylish finishes to furniture items including dining tables, cabinets, counters, worktops and other installations and also for wall paneling.

Q 2. What are the features of high pressure laminates?

Frequently Asked Questions About High Pressure Laminates: Answered - CenturyPly

Answer: High pressure laminates or HPL are one of the most popular surface solutions in the market today. They have a lot of features and benefits that make them desirable:

a) High pressure laminates are antimicrobial, antibacterial and antifungal in nature. This means that HPL inhibits the growth of organisms that may cause diseases or even malodours & stains. Moreover, CenturyLaminates have been manufactured with ViroKill Technology that make them antiviral, killing up to 99.99% viruses! These laminates go a long way in securing your furniture and interiors from damage.

b) HPL naturally have a high resistance to scuff and stains due to their surface consistency and manufacturing processes. High gloss laminates like Lucida laminates have superior protection against everyday wear & tear.

c) HPL are also heat resistant and are a better option than alternatives like veneers for areas such as the kitchen.

d) They are very low maintenance. Thanks to some of the features of HPL such as stain resistance and antibacterial nature, it is therefore a very easy material to clean and maintain. For daily cleaning, simply use a soft cloth or a microfiber and a glass cleaner and then dry them well to avoid streaking. Only excessively abrasive, alkaline or very chlorinated cleaning products should be avoided.

Q 3. What do you mean by antibacterial laminates?

Answer: Antibacterial laminates are hygienic surface solutions that have been specially designed for areas that might need supreme cleanliness & performance-- like the kitchen, bathrooms, hospital rooms, hotels receptions and so on.

CenturyLaminates uses specially designed Nanoparticles based Self Doctoring Surface Treatment against microorganisms through AAAA (A-4) complete safety protection mechanism, for manufacturing of its plywood and laminates. These particles are by nature, anti-microbial, anti-fungal, antibacterial and antiviral. This technology has been branded as ViroKill. The highly activated and energized Nanoparticles physically rupture and kill microbes that come in contact with it through contact killing mechanism, keeping the surface always safe and hygienic.

Q 4. Are special laminates available for office furniture?

Answer: Office decor is distinct from home decor and therefore, need laminates that are especially suited to the office environment.  We provide an entire range of High Pressure Laminates called ‘Specialty Laminates’. These laminates have certain properties that will prove to be very useful for your office: they have magnetic laminates (you can use it in the conference room or even to pin up important notices/new), anti-fingerprint laminates (to ensure your office stays brand new for a long time, without any unwanted prints/marks), white marker board & chalk board laminates (for writing purposes) and more.

Q 5. How to clean and maintain HPL surfaces?

Frequently Asked Questions About High Pressure Laminates: Answered - CenturyPly

Answer: CenturyLaminates are inherently low maintenance and very minimal upkeep is necessary to ensure they look brand new for a long time. Dust the laminated surface with a microfiber cloth once or twice a week to keep it clean. If you want a thorough sanitisation, use a damp cloth and a mild cleaner. Avoid heavily chlorinated, acidic or alkaline products. In case there are tough stains, you can use warm water on the surface. Never use abrasive materials like steel scrubbers on laminates.

High pressure laminates are extremely beautiful, useful and easy on the pocket. You can achieve almost any look with the right pattern, colour, texture and finish of a HPL. If you are looking for advice on which laminates to go for, take a look at our Lookbook or contact our experts today!

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