5 veneer designs you'd like your interior designer to refer to
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5 veneer designs you'd like your interior designer to refer to


Planning to redesign your home? Veneers are the best solution to change the interior of your
home. They will provide your home with a perfect balance between functionality and

Veneers will give your furniture and cabinets a surface finishing touch. They incorporate thin
layers of wood pressed on a plywood surface. Veneers can get your desired look and feel.

Do you want to perceive more about the veneers' designs that suit your home design? Read
this blog to know some veneer designs that enhance your interior space.

Table of contents:

In a Nutshell

Overview of Veneers

Veneers are sheets of thin layers of natural wood. Using premium quality veneers in your
home will let you enjoy many benefits. They are available in different finishes and colours,
such as matte and gloss.

Their unique patterns make them ideal tools for professionals to create functional and
beautiful interior elements. Veneers have the power to revive your home with their natural
charm and beauty. The finishes you get may act as ornamental to the surfaces of your
furniture and cabinets.

The Best Veneer Designs for your interior

Veneers are, without any doubt, one of the best options for redesigning the surface and
interior of your home. You can use them to transform your residential or commercial
property. CenturyVeneers has designed various designs of veneers for you.
Some of the leading veneer designs are given below:

1. NaturePro veneers:

These veneer designs are designed by purifying the wood and are based on German Sanding
Technology. The natural sheen of wood gives these veneers a natural colour with different
tones. Purifying the wood results in different amounts of tannic acid content that causes
shadow and light effects in these veneer designs. These veneers give a natural and rich look
to the interiors and enhance the aesthetic look of your property.
These veneer designs provide an unmatched premium appeal and are easy to maintain and
clean on their surface. They can last long and are far more stable to light. It is easy to work
with these veneer designs while designing your property.

2. SenzuraStyles veneers:

This veneer design inspires you from the myriad form of nature across the entire year. These
veneers provide you with the best quality, long life, clear design visibility, and texture. They
are available in a wide variety with the best designs, range, and portfolio. Also, the fast-
growing plantation timber used in making these veneers make them eco-friendly and an
alternative source in this polluted environment.

3. Progettowood veneers:

These veneers are formed by poly-fibre grains. They are overlaid on a decorative veneer and
pressed on a Gurjan matt. The poly-fibre grains are pressed using a coating of epoxy sealer. It
is the latest designed product of CenturyVeneers and the first in this industry.
The sealer used to coat this veneer is an all-purpose sealer, compatible with all kinds of
polishes. They are easy to maintain. You can easily polish them using the standard methods
followed by other veneers. They provide your interior with a super-premium look.

4. DarkForest veneers:

These veneer designs comprise natural wood and create a wood-finished look in the home's
interior and exterior. It is one of the best products of CenturyVeneers, formed by the
amalgamation of mother nature and human creativity.
These veneers are the best options to get a mystic look for your home. They can withstand
environmental conditions and provide your property with dimensional stability. These veneer
designs cover large areas like wall panelling, doors, cabinets, etc.
The best advantage of using these veneer designs is to get a higher-end solid wood for an
interior look at a lower cost. With the help of these veneer designs, you can get the look of
expensive wood materials like mahogany and many more.

5. Reconstituted veneers:

This veneer design is constructed from Genuine Plantation wood. However, the colour of its
wooden beams is a single colour that needs to be treated and dyed. The grain patterns are
created by dyeing those beams. After this, the final product's colour is visible with its wooden
counterparts. The reconstituted veneer designs of CenturyVeneers are known as
These are available with the best texture, quality, and clear visibility in design.
CenturyVeneers provides various shades of reconstituted veneer designs. Moreover, the latest
trend in these veneer designs is popular worldwide.

In a Nutshell

There are many advantages of using the veneer designs mentioned earlier. You can use
veneers in many ways to decorate the interior of your home. The veneer sheets give your
home a warm, rich, and aesthetically pleasing look. However, they need periodic
maintenance as they get damaged by heat and are not waterproof.
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So, what are you waiting for? Select your veneer designs and order them from CenturyEshop

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