Firewall: A wall between you and fire
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Firewall: A wall between you and fire

Fortunately, fire accidents are rare as these mishaps usually occur as a result of carelessness in taking precautions. However, when fire breaks, it does not discriminate between material or human beings. Only the precautions that we take in the initial stage, can guard us from an unfortunate fire outbreak. For this reason, we should keep fire safety as our utmost important priority.

We are not here to offer you tips that you can easily find on the internet. We are going to give you a solution that is of a pioneering nature and can actually solve the need of all the post fire safety steps. Not that these post fire safety steps are not important, but let us face the reality: How many of us are actually well-versed to handle an emergency situation without panicking?

The truth is it is difficult for an ordinary human to respond calmly to any disaster situation. 

The research work done at CenturyPly validates that alot of people are not either well equipped or well versed to deal with a fire accident. Thus, being a brand of innovation and having an impeccable problem solving capability, CenturyPly brought a technology that shall stand between us and the havoc that is created by fire: Firewall.

Firewall: Aag se bachaye:

The Firewall technology is basically a nanoengineered technology where these nanoparticles are embedded in the plywood itself to give it fire retardant properties. With these wonderful nanoparticles, ArchitectPly and Club Prime plywood from the house of CenturyPly has the following characteristics that shall safeguard us from the fire:

1. Long before it catches the fire: The Firewall embedded plywood of CenturyPly has quite low inflammability. To talk about it in exact numbers, it takes at least half an hour, that is, 30 minutes before the fire flames its surface. That means, you have a good 30 minutes in your hand to act cool and douse the fire in its inception stage itself. This also safeguards the plywood as with Firewall, the plywood has self-extinguishing properties too. This saves the structural integrity of the plywood even after the fire reaches its surface.

2. Long before the fire penetrates the plywood: Even when the fire reaches the surface of the Firewall plywood, it still does not de-laminate and keeps the structural integrity intact. To be precise, it takes upto 50 minutes for the fire to spread over a Firewall embedded plywood. 

3. Long before the fire suffocates you: The toxic fumes that come out as a result of burning of wood can suffocate a human being by cutting the oxygen supply. This hypoxia caused by the toxic gases can also lead to death. In this situation, the fire-retardant plywood proves to be a messiah as it generates very less toxic fumes. Thus, inhalation of toxic smoke is quite less as compared to other regular plywood.

When we narrate the superhero stories of Firewall technology, we do not narrate it without any authentic validation. Thus, in order to establish the genuinity of this technology, we are mentioning the certifications that the Firewall technology has with respect to the mind boggling saviour capabilities it has:

-    Indian Standards IS 5509

-   American standards ASTM E84

-     British standards BS 476 

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