Firewall-The firefighter that always stays with you
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Firewall-The firefighter that always stays with you

Thanks to precautionary measures and innovative technologies, the number of fire accidents has been reducing every year throughout the country. While one cannot completely stop such accidents from happening, we can always be cautious and prepared to minimize the loss of both man and material. One innovative technology that has been the savior for preventing the spread of fire outbreaks is fire retardant plywood.

Plywood is one of the top choices when it comes to making furniture, be it cabinets, desks, beds, or wardrobe, plywood is the most popular choice due to its unmatched features and exquisite finish. However, wood at the time of a fire outbreak is not really our friend but this doesn't necessarily mean that we need to part ways with plywood. With advancements in technology, we now have access to fire-retardant plywood which can not only help prevent the fire from spreading but also help extinguish it once the source is removed.

One of the most renowned names in the plywood industry, CenturyPly has a select range of plywood that comes with the innovative technology termed as ‘The Firewall Technology’. This technology has been used to create the nation’s best fire-fighting plywood, which can help keep both you and your loved ones safe in case of any unfortunate mishaps.

What is Firewall technology?

Firewall technology by CenturyPly is an indigenously developed technology that involves the use of nano-engineered particles that are embedded in the polymer matrix of plywood, giving it the best in class fire-fighting properties.

When tested for critical parameters like flammability, spreadability, penetration, and smoke-developed index, plywoods enriched with Firewall technology perform superior under standard test conditions to the benchmarks specified by Indian Standards IS 5509, American standards ASTM E84 as well as British standards BS 476.

Some important characteristics of the plywood with firewall technology are as follows :

1. Prevents fire from spreading -

Surfaces enriched with Firewall technology delay the spread of fire and do not act as a medium for the fire to spread rapidly. This technology also self-extinguishes once the source of the fire is removed.

2. Low smoke emission -

The toxic fumes that are generated in case of fire can lead to suffocation and even death. However, with fire-retardant plywood enriched with Firewall technology, the smoke emission rate is much lower than ordinary plywood, thereby allowing one to leave safely leave the premises without much harm.

3. Impressive flame penetration rate -

Plywood enriched with Firewall technology when tested had a flame penetration rate that was greater than 3 times the thickness of ply in minutes. So when the fire reaches the surface, it doesn't de-laminate and keeps the structural integrity intact. In total, it takes about 50 minutes for the fire to spread over firewall-embedded plywood, thereby acting as a firefighter inside your furniture.

4. Borer & Termite Proof -

Besides keeping you secure from fire, these plywood also protect you from pesky pests that aim to destroy your furniture. With the use of a special Glue line Protection, the plywood not only resists termite attacks but also completely destroys them. Thereby, keeping you stress-free when it comes to the hygiene of your living spaces.

So protect yourself and your loved ones by choosing fire-retardant plywood for your furniture and interiors. Invest in the revolutionary firewall technology by CenturyPly to get a firefighter that will always stay with you, learn more here:




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