Firewall technology: Prevention is better than cure
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Firewall technology: Prevention is better than cure

‘Prevention is better than after cure.

We often dodge such wise sayings because of their repeated recitations. But undermining such wisdom can cost us not only our fortune but also our lives.

Talking about prevention, let us talk about one of the most harmful hazards, that is, fire. As much as we all don’t want to ever face the fire, it is not really in our hands to avert the unfortunate mishaps. For this reason, we should cushion ourselves beforehand.

How can that be done?

According to us, there is only one answer to preventing fire at its very inception: FIREWALL - Aag se bachaye.

With the tagline this specific, you sure must have learnt by now how serious we are about offering sincere protection from fire accidents. Now let us dig a little deeper into the technicalities of this technology, rolled out by CenturyPly in the form of frequently asked questions:

What is Firewall Technology?

With the aim of offering indigenous innovation, the research and development department of CenturyPly uses nano-engineered particles with fire-fighting properties to embed them in the polymer matrix of plywood.

Is Firewall Technology certified?

CenturyPly enriched the 19 mm CenturyPly Architect Ply and Club Prime with Firewall Technology. It was found that the Firewall Technology performs excellently under the standard testing conditions. It has performed well, basis the benchmarks specified by the following:

- Indian Standards IS 5509

- American standards ASTM E84

- British standards BS 476

What are the parameters Firewall Technology is tested for?

Following are the parameters and the inferences for the most important parameters that determine the amount of damage caused by fire:​​​​​​​

1. Flammability: As compared to any regular plywood, the fire-retardant plywood does not catch fire instantly, thus giving it a property of low flammability. Talking in numbers, the Firewall technology literally treats plywood to resist catching fire for approximately 30 minutes. This gives ample time to identify the source of fire and obstruct it there itself, without causing any harm.

2. Spreadability: The nano-engineered particles give miraculous property to plywood. Wood is usually an agent of spreading fire. However, fire-retardant plywood, especially that from CenturyPly, resists the penetration of fire for approx, 50 minutes. This lessens the damage that a fire accident can cause to your property. It also gives you time to have a ‘great escape’ for you and your family, preserving your precious lives.

3. Smoke Emission: It has been observed that in a fire accident, where fire can cause burns, a more severe cause of death is the inhalation of the toxic fumes that arise because of the burning of the furniture and other household items. These toxic fumes when entering our chest cavity, reduces the supply of oxygen, causing difficulty in breathing. To your surprise, the fire-retardant plywood reduces the amount of smoke emission, thus reducing the risk of suffocation.

Read about more benefits of Firewall technology in plywood here:

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