Festivity starts from a kitchen makeover
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Festivity starts from a kitchen makeover

In India, festivity starts from food and food, as we all know, starts from the kitchen. For this reason, the kitchen ought to be an amazing spot to be at, and give much enthusiasm to the one who cooks and bakes.

The festive season is such a time when guests keep buzzing in your house and the close ones among them are kind enough to lend you a helping hand in your kitchen.

And if you ask us, we would say that you should be prepared to showcase the best in this case.

Here are some ways with which you can try on for your kitchen too with CenturyPly.

1. The Traditional Trick

Indian festivals are pretty much synonymous with traditions and customs. And so, a kitchen that has a traditional aesthetic, is always a good choice. You can create traditional cabinets and racks giving them the classic Indian shapes that resonate well with the customs.

Plywood gives a better scope to emboss a visible classic pattern given the simplicity and flexibility of the material. 

2. The Modern Moose

If you are a fan of the modern couture, add the counters that are symbolic to a warm welcome to your guests. This type of supplementary counter tables are not very common in India. However, whoever dares to opt for this kitchen style, is considered to be the trendsetter in the realms of modern architecture.

The plus point to adding a plywood counter is that it goes well with any shade or texture of the cabinet laminates that you choose without disturbing the overall aesthetics of your kitchen cabinets. 

3. The Cafeteria Cool

How about having a celebration along with the whole family together in the kitchen yourself where the hosts and guests do not have to leave each other alone in awkward silence?

Having a cafe feel within your home itself goes beyond the physical architecture. It enhances the communication among the family members and helps you establish an emotional connection that was missing for long.

With plywood, you can add this sentimental touch in an affordable and minimal way.

4. The Wooden Want:

You will be surprised to know that plywood offers a better creativity than laminates themselves as it has a wider scope to play artistic without restricting one’s mind with a specific colour or woodgrain.

All the more, although it looks like a bold move, plywood is a safer choice to have an interior for your kitchen that is worth becoming a photoshooting corner of your house. Adding a little greens and some warmer lights adds the romanticism that is usually missing in many houses during the festive time.

So, have you already made your mind on any of the above festive makeover for your kitchens?

Explore for just the perfect plywood by CenturyPly at: https://www.centuryply.com/ 


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