Features of CenturyPly’s Antiviral Plywood Range
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Features of CenturyPly’s Antiviral Plywood Range

If you are thinking of building a new home for your family or want to put a fresh spin to your home interiors, chances are that you are already familiar with plywood and its dynamic nature. Plywood has enjoyed the top spot in people’s list of best building materials for decades now due to a number of attractive features it boasts of.


The fact that it can be used in every room of your house, from the living room to the bathroom, and even the kitchen bears witness to its heightened popularity . Plywood mirrors the many fascinations of solid wood and successfully adds a richness and luxury to the interior decor that is unlike anything else. It provides you with limitless options to design your home but on a budget.



Still, it is never enough to just create a home with stunning interiors-- a home should be healthy and safe, too. Due to the growing concerns around hygiene, especially when the world is suffering from the deep impact of the coronavirus pandemic, people all around the world have been thinking of ways to come up with innovative solutions. This is when the use of antiviral plywood comes to the rescue of many.


CenturyPly has an entire range of plywood with antiviral properties that helps every homeowner keep their home spick and span, even at an uncertain time like this. Made with specially formulated ViroKill Technology, their antiviral plywood can kill more than 99% bacteria, fungus & viruses on contact.

Let us explore the features of CenturyPly’s antiviral plywood range.



If you want the luxurious best for your interiors, CenturyPly’s Architect Ply is the product for you. A premium product from the house of CenturyPly, it is made from exclusive hardwood species bonded with BWP grade synthetic resin. This, clubbed with the revolutionary GLP technology, makes it 100% borer and termite proof. It also undergoes pre-pressing that ensures homogeneous spread of moisture and adhesive, thus making it warp free. Besides having a higher face thickness and no core gaps, this product comes with a lifetime warranty.



Firewall is a unique offering from the house of CenturyPly. Made with nano-engineered particles that enhances its resistance against fire, this is a high performance waterproof plywood, especially suitable for areas prone to catching fire. It has low flammability and flame penetration rate that makes it a perfect choice for both residential and big-scale commercial projects. It is treated to provide complete protection from borer & termite attacks and comes with a 21 year warranty.



Club Prime is one of CenturyPly’s show-stopping plywood variants. Extremely popular due to its superior strength, high durability and resilient nature, this is the perfect premium yet budget-friendly waterproof plywood for all your interior furniture needs. To ensure high quality standards, it passes through 24 stringent tests. It comes with a 25 year warranty against borer & termite attacks.


4. BOND 710

Bond 710 is a premium BWP Marine Grade plywood from CenturyPly that has been developed suiting all parameters of IS:710. It is Borer-Termite proof and comes with a 15 year warranty.


5. SAINIK 710

Sainik 710 is a bend-resistant, super strong waterproof plywood from the house of CenturyPly. Produced from the rotary-cut, smooth veneers, it is made with more number of plies for added endurance. Sainik 710 comes with an 8-year warranty against borer & termite attacks.



Sainik MR is a commercial plywood from the house of CenturyPly. It is bend-resistant and dimensionally stable, owing to more number of plies. It has been manufactured in accordance with IS:303. It also offers a 5-year warranty against borer & termite attacks.



WIN MR is a commercial ply whose performance matches up to any BWR ply in the indian market. It is made from eco-friendly raw materials, offering a green building solution to customers. Its durability makes it a long-lasting ply, saving money on repairs in the long run. It comes with a 5 year warranty against borer & termite attacks.


If you are looking to provide an extra layer of protection to your furniture, check out our entire range of antiviral plywood here: https://www.centuryply.com/virokillbycentury#products


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