Explore Beyond Beautiful With Antiviral Laminates
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Explore Beyond Beautiful With Antiviral Laminates

As they say, beauty can be deceptive - not only when it comes to human beings, but also to the interiors of your house and business spaces.


Before we answer that question, let us put forth a counter-question in front of you to get your brain churning on the aspects that can be more important than the look of your interiors.

Do you know that the surfaces of your furniture can contain millions of viruses, bacteria and fungi that can make you prone to several infections and severe diseases?

If that’s a no for an answer, we are here to throw some light on how you can keep your homes and offices germ-free.

When we talk about wooden surfaces, we have plenty of options. Nonetheless, laminates are the most common choice given their wonderful properties:

1. Its smooth texture: The finish of a laminate is smoother and uninterrupted when compared to other materials, making it a clear choice of many. The smoother surface also makes it easy to clean the countertop of any furniture, making it germ-free on every clean.

2. It is economical: Despite mimicking the variety of quality surface material that is available in the market at premium prices, it keeps the cost factor in control for us to emulate the best of the decor appeals.

3. It masters the art of versatility: Adding to its list of qualities, is its availability in various designs and colours. From wooden appearance to stone texture and solid looks, CenturyPly offers myriads of laminates to choose from: https://www.centuryply.com/centurylaminates/

Now, let’s hop on to the virus-free laminates

Aware of the current pandemic situation, as a reliable brand, CenturyPly couldn’t turn a blind eye to the dire need for a virus-free environment. Hence, CenturyPly put all its resources on the research and development of a technology that shall do away with the presence of any microbe that can cause any illness.

After all the hard work and brainstorming, CenturyPly came up with the ViroKill technology.

What is ViroKill?

ViroKill technology uses specially designed nanoparticles that give the laminates the self-doctoring ability to fight against the common evils of not only viruses but other microbes like fungus and bacteria too.

This makes it:





Thus, with a comprehensive approach, this technology that is embedded in the CenturyLaminates, rupture the cells of the germ that is in contact with the laminate. This kills the germ within 24 hours of coming in contact with the furniture.

Does the ViroKill technology have any health hazards?

To your surprise, the nanoparticles are specially designed to destroy the germs that harm you, giving you a protective shield against the disease-causing viruses and other germs. Thus, it is perfectly alright for living beings to be around these nanoengineered laminates, especially kids and your pets.

Does it fight against the coronavirus too?

Although CenturyPly is working rigorously to give you all-round protection from any kind of viruses, the test conducted on the ViroKill technology certifies of killing 99.99% virus, which is a positive-sense single-stranded RNA Virus, that approximates to COVID-19 Virus as a category.

Learn more - https://www.centuryply.com/virokillbycentury

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