Everything Praiseworthy About Firewall Technology
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Everything Praiseworthy About Firewall Technology

Wood, as a material, is a good conductor of heat. This might be a disadvantage to those homeowners who have a knack to give wooden decor to their homes. Unlike several commercial spaces, where comprehensive and expensive fire-proof arrangements are made possible, it is not feasible for the owners of personal properties to go beyond the luxury of having fire alarms. More so, can we, as the homeowners, find a twenty-fifth hour to make it a routine to keep check on each and everything that can lead to fire mishaps?

However important, we tend to forget such an important security aspect very often. Therefore, to ensure maximum safety, it is advisable to choose the prerequisites wisely.  Furniture is an integral part of any house. Be it for the reason of decoration or utility, we can’t do away with furniture. Hence, it is important that we choose the best plywood in terms of fire retardancy.

In case of any fire accident, regular plywood not only catches fire readily but also catalyses it further. Wood, when burnt generates fumes that burn the oxygen in the atmosphere, leading to suffocation. These toxic fumes also abrupt the visibility making it difficult to find the source of the fire and rescue from the site.

The Firewall technology introduced by CenturyPly is a pioneer solution that offers plywood which has specialized nano engineered particles embeded in their polymer matrix system making them fire retardant. It has been certified to be the best among the fire retardant plywood. With extensive research and developments, CenturyPly has been able to create a remarkable solution to fight the demon of fire, that not only causes material harm but also takes a toll on the emotions attached to the home.

Why should you count on CenturyPly Firewall Plywood?

1. Doesn’t burn readily: 

Regular plywood catches fire instantly and causes a sequence of ignitions in the surroundings. Whereas, CenturyPly fire-retardant plywood has been tested to resist fire for up to 30 long minutes, after which the fire spreads to the firewall surface. This property of low flammability helps in checking the spread of fire and gives you ample time to evacuate with no harm. You will be surprised to know that Firewall also has the ability to douse the fire on its own, once it departs from the source of the fire.

Burn regular plywood. Burn!

2. The not-so-fast fire penetration:

The reluctance among people to go all out about wooden finishing comes from the fact that a regular ply conducts fire quite easily and quickly, thus increasing the probability of destruction caused due to fire mishaps.

The firewall technology makes it possible for the plywood to resist the flame penetration for about 50 minutes. Till the time it penetrates the sheet, the evacuation can proceed safely keeping you and your family safe.

3. Minimal toxic fumes:

Statistics show that the inhalation of smoke, gases and vapours is more dangerous and causes more fire deaths than the fire itself. CenturyPly plywood made with Firewall Technology uses fire-retardant chemicals. These chemicals ensure a lesser amount of smoke generation, which is a major issue with other plywood. Thus, this eliminates any serious consequences because of suffocation caused by the smoke generated.

4. No delamination:

In a case of fire, the natural tendency of a human being is to try to douse the fire with water. Usually, this water damages the plywood. However, the plywood made with Firewall Technology does not absorb any water. So, once the fire is doused, the furniture made from CenturyPly Firewall will retain its physical integrity.

5. Borer and Termite Protection:

Incorporating fire-retardant technology doesn’t make us forget about the quality and other protection that our customers trust us for. Thus, like all Century Plywood boards, plywood made with Firewall Technology also comes with borer and termite protection, making it an all-rounder for your homes.

Walk the extra mile and choose the best foundation in terms of plywood while you renovate your house or build a new one. Check out more information about our newly launched Firewall technology here: https://www.centuryply.com/firewall-technology

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