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Equip yourself with best fire safety

Poor fire safety can cost you more than the investment made for it in the longer run. Be it your house or your office space, the safety of your family and your colleagues respectively, should be your priority at any cost.

Fire, caused naturally or manmade, causes unparalleled havoc in our lives. Thus, it needs to be handled even before its inception. For this, CenturyPly has innovated the first and the best in class plywood, that is a fire-fighter in itself.

Why are we calling it a fire-fighter?

CenturyPly embeds innovation in its plywood to distinguish it from any other plywood, making it fire-retardant. It does that by incorporating the Firewall technology in its Architect Ply and Club Prime plywood.

Why would we choose a fire-retardant plywood from CenturyPly to equip your home?

1. It incorporates Firewall technology:

The innovative Firewall Technology used by CenturyPly uses nano-engeneering to embed the plywood. These nanoengineering particles give the plywood multiple properties that make it fire-retardant. These properties are:

- Low flammability

- Low spreadability

- Low toxic fumes release

- No delamination

However, with CenturyPly, these are not the only benefits that you get with a fire-retardant plywood. There are numerous other benefits that CenturyPy offer you along with this.

2. It is termite and borer proof:

The fire-retardant plywood is also chemically treated to make it resistant to the attack of the tiny devils, that is borers and termites. Thus, you can be assured that before showing its fire fighting capability, the plywood doesn’t convert into mere sawdust.

3. Extended Warranty:

The plywood that comes with Firewall technology embedded in it, doesn’t reduce its warranty period. Per say, if the Architect ply comes with lifetime warranty, the Firewall technology will not impact on it. Similar is the case with Club Prime, which comes with 25 years of warranty.

4. Boiling Waterproof:

Being fire-retardant, does not give us an excuse to chicken out on other important properties that a plywood must have. Based on utility, the fire retardant plywood is mostly used in kitchens, given the setting of the kitchen, which is very susceptible to fire. Also, it is necessary that the plywood that is being used in your kitchen should be waterproof.

With our firewall technology, we also ensure that we provide a boiling waterproof grade for your plywood to keep your kitchen both safe and durable.

5. Duplicate Proof:   With the launch of CenturyPromise app, CenturyPly has revolutionised the market. With features like QR code scanner and e-warranty of your plywood, you can ensure that you get an authentic Firewall plywood. All you have to do is scan the QR code given on the CenturyPly fire retardant plywood. The app will display all details corresponding to the plywood in terms of its date of manufacture, factory, product name as well as whether it is a genuine CenturyPly product. Thus, you not only stay safe from fire, but also from the counterfeit plywood that are flooding the market under a reputed brand, CenturyPly.

Know about the certifications of Firewall at: https://www.centuryply.com/firewall-technology

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