Elevating Your Interiors with CenturyVeneers: The Top Trends and Designs to Inspire
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Elevating Your Interiors with CenturyVeneers: The Top Trends and Designs to Inspire

Veneers are a great way of adding elements of nature to improve your home's interiors. These wood slices can add to the surface of your furnishings. Every veneer is unique, and it has many different textures and tones. It also comes with different grain patterns that you can match, mix and repeat to make various designs.

If you want to add a woody elegance to your space, then choosing CenturyVeneers is always the best choice. You can create a seamless interior with the many designs and trends that can help you make your dream space. 

Table of Contents

➔ Best Designs and Trends with CenturyVeneers

     ◆ Mix and Match

     ◆ Grain Direction

     ◆ Use Unexpectedly

     ◆ Create Focal Points

     ◆ Light Direction

     ◆ Blending into Nature

      Analysing the Finishing Touch

➔ Conclusion

Best Designs and Trends with CenturyVeneers

Some of the best designs and trends that you could try with CenturyVeneers include the following:

● Mix and Match

You can mix and match different veneers to get the best design with CenturyVeneers. For instance, you can use a dark veneer with metal or light stone furniture to blend designs and textures. You can create a combination of veneers that use contrasting tones and colours. That way, you can create a medley of tones that bring out the best in your interiors.

● Grain Direction 

One of the best ways of creating a seamless design is by considering the direction of the veneer’s grain. If you want a uniform design without any mismatched grain pattern, it's important to be attentive to the grain direction. To create the ultimate look, you can go for the Silvern AK Burl or the Coire EM Burl of Natzurawoods.

● Use Unexpectedly 

There are many common places where you can use CenturyVeneers, like the walls or the furnishings. There are also some unusually creative ways to customise your interiors to reflect your style. You can use the CenturyVeneers to make some of the most interesting and unique accents to light up your house.

It can be anything from the front of a bar to the background of a kitchen; with CenturyVeneers, you can always experiment and have fun redecorating your home. You can also use rich and deep veneers to bring contrasting effects with subtle pale colours that hint at a luxurious and eye-catching look. 

● Create Focal Points

A way of integrating CenturyVeneers and making them stand out in your interior decor is by making them focal points of your home. You can use the premium collection of Reconstituted Veneers - CenturyVeneers SenzuraStyles to decorate your home with greatly figured wood veneer. It can create a dramatic focal point in your home, making any furnishing a centrepiece with bold patterns and unique textures.

● Light Direction

The way the grain pattern of CenturyVeneers looks in your home can be changed with the way the light enters the area of your home. Depending on how the light falls on your furnishings, the grain of the veneers can look less or more pronounced. It is always best to consider how your room's lighting affects the veneers.

You can utilise different kinds of lighting to display the different dimensions and elements of the veneers. For instance, you can use the natural lighting of your room to highlight a table lamp or a feature wall and make a spotlight for any unique furniture you may have.

● Blending into Nature 

If you want to blend woody CenturyVeneers in your interiors, you can add them in places that already have natural elements in your home. If your office is filled with plants, adding a natural veneer will make your space more comfortable and lively. You can even add such veneers in your space that opens towards the garden, or you can even use it with walls, tables, ceilings, or bookshelves to merge indoor and outdoor spaces.

You won’t have to go outdoors to enjoy the beauty of nature if you have CenturyVeneers. CenturyVeneers brings you some of the most unique and natural designs and trends that people love. If required, you can take inspiration from your dream interiors and then remodel your home according to them.

● Analysing the Finishing Touch 

You can purchase CenturyVeneers in a variety of finishes. Some veneers can be stained, painted, or have a natural finish. You can consider the existing style of your interiors and then decide the atmosphere you want to make. Depending on that, you can choose the best finishing to bring your style to life.

For instance, if you want a sleek and modern look, you can go with something high-gloss like Silvern Teca Wood, whereas if you want something rustic and warm, you can go with a natural finished veneer such as the American Walnut.


CenturyVeneers bring you a huge variety of range with which you can create whichever design and trend you want. If you cannot find something specific, you can always mix and match to create your dream interiors. CenturyVeneers open doors of possibilities that can deliver fabulous designs and make them last longer. With these veneers, you get a great look and quality, which keeps it durable in every condition. 

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