Easy Steps on How to Determine Which Plywood is the Best
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Easy Steps on How to Determine Which Plywood is the Best

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Steps to select the Best Plywood

         ◆ Check the Edges

         ◆ Check the PlywoodPhysically

         ◆ Check the Certifications

         ◆ Select According to YourNeed

Century Plywood Range with Features

         ◆ Architect Ply

         ◆ Club Prime

         ◆ Bond 710

         ◆ Sainik 710



Are you in the process of building a new house or refurbishing your old heaven with new furniture? In both cases, you must be aware of certain parameters for selecting the best quality ply. The increasing rate of building new apartments has created a huge demand for plywood. To harness the benefit of this demand, many plywood manufacturers have started providing engineered wood at competitive rates. However, they differ from each other in terms of quality.

To help you make a smart and efficient buying decision about which plywood is the best, this blog informs you about the features you must consider before buying plywood.

Steps to select the Best Plywood

Every item made using plywood is expected to provide value for many years. This is because they are cut and transformed into essential items like tables, chairs, beds, cabinets, etc., which require time and effort. Therefore, you must evaluate plywood on the following parameters before making a payment:

● Check the Edges

The edges of the plywood are the primary factors that help determine its quality and strength. Therefore, when you are searching for the best plywood, check the edges for the density of the woodblocks. Generally, plywood with uniform and densely packed edges offer durability to furniture. To provide you with the best product, CenturyPly offers ply with firmly attached wooden blocks.

 Check the Plywood Physically

There are multiple aspects that you need to check physically in plywood. These include the following:

The surface of the top-quality plywood is smooth and uniform. Therefore, always look for an even surface with no bump or dent.

 Another method of checking the quality of plywood is determining its weight.

 Check the Certifications

The best manufacturers of plywood offer certifications for the quality of their products. Some of these certifications include:

      Virokill technology: This means that plywood has excellent resistance to the spread of viruses and bacteria.

      Firewall technology: Furniture or doors that are made with firewall technology plywood reduces the spread of fire. All the premium range of CenturyPly come with this certification to offer safety from accidental fire.

      Termite damage resistance: It is a crucial certification for all wooden items. Therefore, the house of CenturyPly offers plywood that is borer and termite proof , to increase the durability of your furniture.

More than that CenturyPly provides you an e-warrant certificate with the manufacturing details via their app CenturyPromise. All you need to do is scan the unique QR code on each plywood and download the certification. 

● Select According to Your Need

The place where you will use the plywood also plays a crucial role in determining the features you need to look for while buying the ply. This is because of the following factors:

❖  Places like the bathroom and kitchen are constantly exposed to water and heat. Therefore, it is ideal to select Plywood that offers resistance to heat and humidity. To suit this purpose, you can choose CenturyPly plywood, which is tested for boiling water test .

      If you are selecting plywood for making a bed, cabinet, sofa, or table in the living room or other dry areas, consider buying wood with high strength, zero gaps, and MR grade for humidity resistance.

CenturyPly Plywood Range with Features

CenturyPly provides a wide range of plywood to suit the requirements of people. These plywoods are available in multiple thicknesses and are suitable for every interior design application. The CenturyPly range includes the following products:

● Architect Ply: This is the best ply for giving a luxurious look to your house while maintaining strength and security. Moreover, this range is available in plywood with 4mm to 19 mm thickness. The pure gurjan base of CenturyPly Architect ply offers a lifetime warranty with borer proof, heat and humidity resistance, and virokill and firewall technology.

Club Prime: This collection of CenturyPly is an all-rounder for making home decoration items. It comes with firewall and virokill technology with complete water resistance. Additionally, the 30 years warranty against borer and termite of this plywood provides strength and safety to your decoration items.

Bond 710: This ply has pre-pressed wood pieces for increased durability. This is a marine grade ply which is tested for boiling water. The excellent borer and termite proof of Bond 710 keeps your furniture safe from damage. Another attractive feature of this ply is its warranty of up to 21 years.

Sainik 710: This range of plywood has a uniform price throughout the country. Along with being chemically treated for termite proof, this plywood is highly resistant to climatic damage. Moreover, it comes with an 8 years warranty against manufacturing defects.


If you want to know which plywood is the best for your house or office setting, visit the online store of CenturyPly and select from a wide range according to your requirements. What are you waiting for? Click on the link now to start exploring: https://www.centuryply.com/eshop.

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