Easiest way to tackle counterfeit plywood
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Easiest way to tackle counterfeit plywood

Plywood is one of the products that fits all your needs and can be easily customized to your requirements. Given the durability and strength of it, plywood is the best product one would pick for construction, architecture and decor. People use wooden products across various spaces and picking the right quality of materials ensures safety, strength and style altogether. With such a high demand, counterfeit products make rounds in the market and here’s how you can stay ahead of buying false promises.

Where Counterfeit Products Come in

The demand for plywood and wooden products are heavily increasing due to decor trends and the convenience that plywood provides. Selling fake products under trusted names in the market is an easy way of cheating consumers. The counterfeit products are very similar to original products and it can be hard for someone who doesn’t deal with wood on a regular basis to differentiate between the two. 

Why Fake Products Are Bad

Be it a DIY art project or a huge investment in plywood for construction/remodelling purposes, it is imperative that you pick good quality plywood. Counterfeit products can cause more harm than good. With chemically treated cheap plywood comes various health issues and attracts dust, dirt and pests. These products don’t provide value for money and easily break down and come apart. They can easily decay and provide a breeding ground for microbes and bacteria. In case of accidents and mishaps you can expect them to give in and cause harm instead of providing protection. Fake products lure you in with cheaper prices but never provide you genuine services. 

How To Pick Good Quality Plywood

Good quality plywood is made with high quality timber and comes with a promise of durability. Centuryply, India’s leading manufacturer of plywood is focused on providing premium quality products and services. The products we engineer are built to last long and provide protection and security. Our indigenously developed technology like Firewall and Virokill act as a protecting barrier for you. Our products range from various specifications like waterproof, resistance to different weather conditions, resistant to high impact, bend resistant, etc. Providing good value for your money, Centuryply’s genuine quality plywood is the right pick.

How To Know The Genuinity Of Your Purchase

Several fake products are sold under the name of Centuryply. To keep up with our promise we go above and beyond. We have designed the CenturyPromise app to help you verify the originality of the products you’ve purchased. All our products come with a QR code on it that can be scanned through the app that confirms the authenticity of your purchase.

-  CenturyPromise App is a software you can download on your cell phones or tablets and can use whenever. It can be found on the playstore/app store and can be easily installed onto your device. 

- It is an easy to use app. As soon as you download it, you login with your credentials or first time users can create a new account. 

- You will find a scanner on the app which helps you identify original products in a single step process

- You can either scan the QR code through the scanner or manually enter the QR code onto the app. If your product is original, it will be displayed on the screen. 

-  At just a few touch of the fingertips, anyone can verify the genuineness of their purchase. 

The app also lists specifications of every product and can help you download and store an e-warranty card for future reference.

With a simple mobile application, consumers can now tackle counterfeit products. Choose Centuryply today and stay ahead of fake products.

Read more about the CenturyPromise app here:

Download the CenturyPromise app here: https://www.centuryply.com/centurypromise

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