Diving deep into SAINIK 710 Waterproof Plywood
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Diving deep into SAINIK 710 Waterproof Plywood

Your beloved home is meant to be strong, durable, and beautiful, all at the same time. The CenturyPly, a brand name and trustworthy companion of Indians for decades, is set to meet all your needs. With technologically designed Laminates meeting both your aesthetic and functional needs, the Sainik Laminates are among our top offerings of CenturyLaminates. Let’s discover how they meet both these aspects. 

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Sainik Laminates: Aesthetics meet Functionality


CenturyLaminates offers Laminate sheets. These are decorative layers to be incorporated over wooden surfaces. Apart from adding to the aesthetics of your interiors, they are possessors of strength, technology, and resistant powers. Their applications range from a wide variety of products, which include tables, furniture, and wall panels. So, let’s now head to their aesthetic and functionality contribution! 

Sainik Laminates: Companion of Aesthetic Choice

The Sainik Laminates add to your aesthetics with the following: 


The laminates are available in a variety of textures ranging from shiny to matte, silky to feathery, smooth to rough, and much more. Some of the textures are directly available to choose from, including concrete texture, saw cut texture, normal leather and diamond leather texture, hexawood texture, imperial and Arizona oak texture, brush stroke, and channel texture, among multiple other choices. 


With different prints to choose from, Sainik Laminates offers the freedom to try new looks whenever you like. Looking to switch the interiors and laminates not matching the vibes or party theme, just change them with our newer upgrades.

Colour Palette

The solid colours not only reflect your sober choice but come along with multiple adjectives defining your taste and sense of aesthetics. You can select among the dark and bold or find solace in light and elegant. It's all up to you! Sainik Laminates will meet all your demands. 


The patterns with a simple look are enough to motivate the onlooker. They also foster innovation and creativity. With the dire need for the same in commercial settings, the multi-functional usage comes to the aid of every buyer we meet. 


The offerings in the category of Sainik Laminates are not limited. With no words to describe their beauty and leaving the viewers awestruck, choosing them with a view for you is the best idea. The best possible assistance inclusive of all the styles available here is their names: pastels, glitz, zero series, stones, nordic collection, Bohemian, Metallica, classic matt, speciality range, ultra HD gloss, pearl, classic woods, and loads of their sub-varieties. 

Sainik Laminates: Perfect Functional Partner 

No one wants to settle only for looks. The looks are baseless if they do not stay with you. Adding the durability and other characteristics, here is how Sainik Laminates meet the functional needs: 

Health shield

Yes, the laminates can help you with health advantages, too! The Sainik Laminates are inclusive of Triple Shield technology. It means your laminates reduced germ growth by 99.9%. So, regardless of the cleaning habits, the surfaces are always safe from disease-causing germs of multiple types. 


The Sainik Laminates come to your home to stay. With a long warranty of 7 years, any manufacturing defect is covered with our assurance. Use it stress-free while we take responsibility for our production practices. 


Our product offers resistance to a wide range of issues. Sainik Laminates are resistant to abrasion, boiling water, impact, crack, stain, dry heat, and scuff. You name it, and we will have it on our list. 

How does it benefit the functionality? Simple. By expanding the usage. The boiling water and dry heat resistance make it suitable for moisture and water-prone areas such as your bathrooms and kitchens. Stain resistance makes it suitable for both kitchen and kids’ play areas and so on. 


The laminates with strength enough to take up the load and pressure is the most important function. With uniform standing quality offering superior bonding through better surface adhesion, we deliver what we promise. Impact resistance protects from all the sudden impacts. 

Less emission  

Adding another star to our product, the Sainik Laminates are also low-emitting materials. With no chemical leaching of toxic elements into the environment, the property is backed by our certified claims. The Greenguard Gold certification and GreenPro certification are proof of our products being low emitting.  


Laminates present over the surface of your wood products hold the responsibility of looking perfect while minimising the potential for damage. The dual functionality, i.e., meeting your aesthetics with zero compromises in functionality, is possible with Sainik Laminates from CenturyLaminates. Incorporated with innovation and technology and offered in a wide variety, a look at the Sainik Laminates is all you need. 

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