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Defeat counterfeits with CenturyPromise

A promise of providing you genuine service and genuine products - CenturyPromise.

The market today in housing and construction requires a lot of plywood and wooden products. Be it construction of a new house, redesigning an existing house or refurbishing office spaces or schools - plywood is required everywhere. We see it in doors and windows, cabinets and countertops, tables and chairs and tinier wooden articles lying around the kitchen and bathroom. Plywood in these situations becomes an investment. So, while picking a product to meet your needs, it is imperative that you research, recheck and buy. 

Today, several counterfeit products exist in the market. Some fake products could be described as made with cheap quality wood, having lesser plies and no strength, cheap quality glue that doesn’t hold the plies together or just old and soft wood prone to damage. When the market demands a higher quantity of products, counterfeit manufacturers try to cheat customers with fake products. Fake products can cause more harm than benefit. These cheap quality wooden products attract insects and pests that damage the longevity of it. They can also cause allergic reactions in some people. Dust, bacteria and viruses can find permanent settlements in low quality wood and will definitely pose a threat to your health. The chemicals used to manufacture these products can be toxic and can spoil other things around these articles. They also absorb moisture and break down with constant change in temperature. A loss of value for your money, counterfeit products are definitely a no-go.

CenturyPly makes high quality products and provides you with genuine service. Our aim is to make homes safe and beautiful. While our main focus is our customers’ welfare, we design new technology that helps keep you away from unpleasant experiences. With the same intention, we have come up with the CenturyPromise app to provide you with the assurance that your products deserve.

Buying good quality plywood is now a challenge. Buying larger quantities of plywood can also mean counterfeits slipping among the genuine ones. If you’re not someone who works with plywood on a regular basis it can be hard to get your research right and invest hugely in plywood. For those who need that guiding factor, we step in with our high quality plywood. We carefully curate each product from our catalogue and manufacture it with utmost care and quality. Each product has specifications it matches and we deliver to these expectations. Every product comes with a QR code that encloses the details and specifications. Our CenturyPromise App, the first of its kind, is an application that helps customers authenticate our products themselves. As the leading plywood manufacturer in India, there are counterfeit products to tackle and this app is your easiest way of staying safe.

Once you download the app on your smartphone and login/sign-up for it, it is a simple task further on. If you scan the QR code on this app, you will not only be able to identify the real product from fake, but it also tells you the specifications of the product and comes with a downloadable e-warranty. If you are unable to scan the QR code, you can also manually enter the QR number. 

As India’s leading plywood manufacturer, we make sure our customers are happy and satisfied with our service and products. We take pride in going the extra mile to ensure this. Our CenturyPromise app is just a testimony of the care and concern we extend to our customers.

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