Culinary expertise starts with glossy cabinets - 14th
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Culinary expertise starts with glossy cabinets - 14th

Kitchen cabinets and laminates gel up quite well since time immemorial. And with the passing of time, technology has only improved. We often think about how something as non-technical as laminates transforms with the help of technology.

CenturyLaminates believes in putting innovation at work in order to make this world a better place to be. Regular laminates bear the brunt of stains that happen as a result of your culinary experiments or the pan scratches that occur while you try to toss your omelettes to master your skills. However, CenturyLaminates uses a special resin in its laminates to give it extra strength and make it resistant to scratches and abrasion.

Which is the best among CenturyLaminates for kitchen cabinets?

As much as you can use any of the CenturyLaminates, if we have to choose any particular laminate for your kitchen cabinets, that definitely will be Lucida laminates. We have plenty of reasons for the choice we make.

Remember those fancy kitchen studios from the big cooking shows like that of Khana Khazana and Masterchef? Didn’t they seem to be too glamorous to be emulated for our own chimney and stove spaces?

Lucida laminates make those long drawn dreams into a reality! Don’t believe us? Here is what Lucida laminates can do to give you a kitchen that can be the set for the next cookery shows:

1. High Gloss Laminates: With their glossy look, Lucida laminates give your kitchen a shine that is to stay forever. For this reason, Lucida laminates are synonymous to high gloss laminates.  This makes your kitchen a forever charm for everyone that comes to your house.

2. Resistant to all things bad: To maintain its charm, Lucida laminates are incorporated with unique technology to resist the various enemies of your kitchen. The specially designed resin that has been used to make the laminates, toughens Lucida enough to become mar-resistant, abrasion resistant and impact resistant.

This is not it. We understand your will to achieve your goal to become a culinary expert. Thus, no matter how many omelette flips you want to do or how many pizza bases you want to spin, we got your back!  Just a duster to wipe it all off will be ample, making Lucida laminates to be stain-resistant and scuff-resistant too!

3. Antiviral Laminates; as we all know that the kitchens are supposed to be the cleanest place in your entire house for the simple reason that whatever you cook in your kitchen, that makes way to your alimentary canal. Hence, it is of utmost importance that our kitchen is free from germs. 

With the ViroKill technology, Lucida laminates are adept to kill the virus or any other microbes that settle on your cabinets, making your kitchen 99.99% germ-free.

4. Wide Range: You do not need to restrict your choices with Lucida. Choose from the wide range of colours and textures that are offered by high-gloss Lucida laminates. Find the gloss that suits your kitchen and your taste both.

Because if you can’t savour the food that is with no taste, why should you settle for the laminates that have no gloss to it?

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