Create The Furniture of your Dreams with Sainik 710 Plywood
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Create The Furniture of your Dreams with Sainik 710 Plywood

Although you are not an interior designer or a decor expert, you still have that knack to create something that suits your taste and will fit in just perfectly in your house. This knack gives you the confidence to design the wood pieces that perfect your place.

We are here to encourage you to think beyond and create something that is worth emulating and becoming the trend of the decade, or even longer!

Alright, the designer in me is awake. What do we begin with?

With the myriads of permutations and combinations in the decor business, the first and the most important work is to choose your style.

Some of us crave that classic vintage look, while some are more tilted towards a minimalistic elegance. Some prefer their living space to be painted with varied colours, while others like to sync it in with a single wood tone.

Ya, I might have something in my mind. What next?

With a brisk walkthrough of ‘your tailored design’ in your mind, now is the time to explore the possibility of creating it. 

Look for a carpenter in your vicinity and other craftsmen that you might need at a later stage like an upholsterer. Picture your vision to them and you will get practical insights into the reality of your dream furniture. A face-to-face consultation is always good to stay on track to achieve your decor dreams.

However exciting it is, let's just hold our horses on the design part until you select the perfect plywood for your transformation goals.

We all would agree to it when we say that a piece of fancy furniture stays fancy as long as it starts from plywood that proves to be ‘asli’ on the promises made. For this, our suggestion would be Sainik 710, a CenturyPly Plywood.

But why this particular plywood?   

When it comes to your dream decor, we would not want to ‘wash out’ your aspirations. Speaking of wash down, let’s furnish some of the characteristics of Sainik, that will help you to decide on the plywood that you should choose:

When you think of creating something personalised as per your creative soul, you tend to get emotional about it. This is the reason, you want that particular creation to last long without any damage to it.

For this reason, it is important to ensure that you use plywood that can bear the brunt of furniture enemies to stay put on the durability aspect. When it comes to enemies, Sainik 710 is a warrior, that not only fights but also registers triumphs against them all:

  1. Sainik vs Water: Passing through the rigorous boiling waterproof test, Sainik plywood maintains its structural integrity even in the face of boiling water. This places Sainik over and above the water-resistant plywood that you find in the market.
  2. Sainik vs Borer and Termites: With the glue line protection, Sainik does not weaken even when millions of worms attack it collectively. Regular plywood turns into sawdust whereas, CenturyPly Sainik 710 stands tall to the devil’s army.
  3. Sainik vs High Price: Without being subjective on the prices, we would like to give you the number on which you can achieve all the above qualities of Sainik 710: Rs.99 sqft

This is Sainik 710 for you, defending the furniture of your dream!

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