Create a Cozy Living Space with our Aesthetic Veneer Collection
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Create a Cozy Living Space with our Aesthetic Veneer Collection

The living room is the mini showroom of your adobe. Every little detail, from wall paint to the right corner shelf, everything harmoniously works together to add dimensions to the space. These details speak your unique style and make a wonderful first impression when you use veneers to adorn your home interiors.

Decorative veneers add an element of elegance and sophistication to your living space and make it look alive. Over the years, interior designers have been using veneers to give an aesthetic appeal to your adobe which makes every nook and corner look exotic and unique in its own way. Below are some design templates which you can use to create a stunning living room area in your home.

A Touch of Elegance
This living room with distinct elements sets a very calm ambiance that reflects a pleasant and modern vibe. Unlike conventional design, this unique placement of shades of brown and grey brown can uplift your home’s aesthetics. Make a perfect style statement with the beautiful warm table covered with decorative veneers.

Chic & Striking
This living room with open windows is all that one can wish for. Let the natural light enter your space and create a soothing view. Adding a sophisticated and exquisite backdrop with exquisite veneers      that gives a contrasting appeal to the space and makes the living room look very elegant.

Away From Usual
Veneers can change the entire look of your living room, as you can see in the above template that using dyed veneers. Take a break from the usual and break the mundane with the bold series. You can create patterns with different shades or play with one shade only. Allow your space to breathe richness with the wonderfully alluring veneers.

Modern and Refined
One of the best ways to decorate your living room is to embellish your walls with natural shades, which makes the entire area visually appealing. This cozy living room with a beautiful natural veneer wall with varied stripe patterns looks very interesting and soothing to your eyes. Adding elements like a beige colour sofa gives a modish appeal.

Whether you want an ultra-modern chic look or natural is your way to go, CenturyPly has got you covered.

Get the best quality veneers that speak about your personality and add magic to the whole space. Redefine beauty with a wide range of veneer collections! Choose what you love from myriad shades and patterns, and give your home an exotic feel. Check out the amazing veneer wood collection at CenturyVeneers.

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