Choose from the wide variety of SenzuraStyle Veneers
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Choose from the wide variety of SenzuraStyle Veneers

Let your visitors and guests be awestruck at your wooden interiors when you choose to add a layer of beauty with SenzuraStyle Veneers.

Centuryply, India’s leading manufacturer in plywood makes products and provides services that make customers’ lives easy and beautiful. Plywood is a material that can be used across the residential and commercial spaces for various purposes and meets various functional requirements. For a product one would use across their space, why not give an option to beautify it and make your spaces gorgeous? To help paste this layer of charm, CenturyVeneers has a wide range of options to choose from.

What are veneers?

Veneers in plywood are thin slices of wood which are used for purposes that thicker boards can’t serve. They can also be used as a covering layer in plywood. Being a thin layer comes with multiple benefits of placing them on surfaces like walls, closets, doors without taking up much space and can be an added layer of sturdiness.

Where can I use veneers?

Being a thin layer of wood, veneers serve multiple purposes. Sometimes added on with a thicker layer of plywood or standing alone on different surfaces, it can be customarily used to your needs. Some people choose to use veneers to add spice to regular floorings and walls. It can also be used to cover up your old countertops and give them a newer look. Some people also find the use of veneers in furniture or casework. The convenience of veneers comes with its thickness making it a perfect choice for redecoration and remodelling purposes.

Why choose SenzuraStyle Veneers?

With all the style purposes veneers serve, SenzuraStyles cuts down your search for the perfect veneers and checks all boxes in style and utility at the same time. Senzura is our range of reconstituted veneers and it comes in an enormous range of options to choose from. To match your vibe and express your persona, here’s a simplified breakdown of all the choices we provide -

-       Classic Wooden Decor

For a rustic or a vintage vibe alike, many people choose to stick to classic wooden interiors in brown and shades of brown that are clean patterns of wood. To give you a modern wooden furniture look you can pick veneers out of Teak range or Understated range lists.

-       Significantly Stylish

Veneers across Sophisticated, Earthy and Bohemian catalogs are the perfect choice for turning it up a notch and making your wooden furniture pop out of the ordinary. Small efforts can go a long way and these options are the precise example of how something as simple as a veneer can act as the turning factor for your spaces.

-       Minimalistically Mute

Those who love sticking to the minimalistic aesthetic and keep their decor in neutral colours and muted to tone down the pop, the perfect pick for you lies in Bold and Urbane catalogues. Simple designs with a classic look adds magic to your spaces.

-        Atypical Horizontal

Giving Made To Measure a special mention for stepping out of the usual patterns, here lies options in horizontal moving designs. To fit the needs of what your space requires, one can opt for a horizontal design and it’s possible with SenzuraStyles.

SenzuraStyles gives you options in veneers with over 100+ styles and ends your hunt for the perfect design at one stop. In all kinds of aesthetics and colours, one can now pick SenzuraStyles veneer.

To explore your options and learn more about SenzuraStyles CenturyVeneers, visit here:



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