Choose from 4 different categories of Lucida
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Choose from 4 different categories of Lucida

Lucida Laminates by CenturyLaminates are specially designed high gloss, low-maintenance laminates that come in various colours and designs and aim to beautify your kitchen with a mirror-like finish.

Lucida Laminates excel in strength as they offer resistance against:

1. Scuff

2. Stain

3. Abrasion

When it comes to Laminates, it welcomes in the most exciting part of building a home, providing the gorgeous finishing touch that you always dreamt of. Quality laminates not only bring the right contrast, hues and gradients to your space but are also resistant to the spills and joy of a cherishing home. But, it is a tricky task to pick up your perfect 1mm sheet. Let’s bring you onto a journey to your ideal Lucida Laminate:

● Lucida Solids: A go to foundational yet center piece to your exteriors or kitchen tops, with its heavy contrast visuals, Solids not only set a visual tonality to your environment but also accentuate every corner of the room with its presence. Itsrimary property of resisting boiling temperatures makes it an ideal choice for kitchen tops.

● Lucida Glitters: A sensational range of sparkling laminates that fit as wall panels, surfacing needs or even exterior use. A wonderful introduction to a glittery soiree that sprinkles your space with a drizzle of reflections. With carefully carved edges and layers of resistant and reflective premium materials, it never fails to trap your eyes into the prism of a perfect room.

● Lucida Stones: The quality and textures sourced from all over the world, maybe a slab’s pattern from the Sicily’s hills or the quarries of Chile, the stunning shades never fail to capture the raw and rugged environment that you are looking to create. A mystique that brings joy and freshness of nature to your cooking stations, living rooms or wherever you want them to be.

● Lucida Woodgrain: Whenever you find yourself looking for the perfect pattern that satiates the adventurer in you and helps you remember the good old times in the woods. From patterns of your beloved fauna or the shavings of rainforests, it is all there to be chosen by you, for you.

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