Checking originality of plywood is now just a one step process
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Checking originality of plywood is now just a one step process

We’re here to redefine the meaning of QR to Quality Reassurance with our CenturyPromise App.

The world is getting smaller but the housing market is increasing in size. With growing technology and dynamic changes taking over trends in decor, the demand for housing products is skyrocketing. One of the most used products in all kinds of housing work from construction, interior decor, furnishings to redesigning a house is plywood. Plywood is a product that can be fitted into different parts of the house according to your needs. Doors? Definitely, Kitchen Countertops? Why not, Bathroom Cabinets? For sure!

The large-scale need for plywood exists given its versatility and durability. There are several manufacturers of plywood in the market today but not everyone promises high quality products and genuine services. Centuryply is a brand known for delivering on the promise of genuine products. Being India’s leading plywood manufacturer, it is our duty to make sure our customers are equipped with the products they want. While delivering on this promise, there are several fake products that make rounds in the markets in our name. In bulk quantities it is possible a few fake plywood can sneak in. To keep you safe from this and from buying counterfeit products, we have come up with a super simple solution, right on your cell phone - CenturyPromise App.

For those who are buying plywood for the first time or the ones that don’t use plywood regularly, it is not an easy task to find out the difference between genuine and fake products. Fake products pose a threat to your health and cleanliness of the house and it is imperative to do your research before you invest in it. To make sure our customers can be reassured of our product’s genuinity, we designed the CenturyPromise App which let’s one verify it at the touch of fingertips.

So How Convenient Is It Really?

The mobile app is super easy for everyone to use. You download the app on your phone and login and after that, checking the originality of Centuryply products is just a single step, really!

All our plywood comes with a QR code embedded with the product specifications, the warranty cards and duh, a mark of originality. With the scanner on the app, all you need to do is scan the QR code that comes on all our plywood. On the account that it is an original item then its details will be listed alongside "CenturyPly genuine product".

Even if you are unable to scan the code, you can always manually enter the QR number and in the same manner, you’ll get your results.

In just one simple step you can know not only verify the originality of your purchase but also the product specifications and download an e-warranty that comes with it. We take pride in delivering on our promise “Raho Befikar”. It is easy to use, user friendly and first of its kind. Centuryply’s aim is to provide our customers with the high quality plywood and services they deserve. 

Our plywood is durable and reliable. Our top quality products are curated with the best technology and finest products that are safe and non-toxic and live a long life. It is imperative that you pick the best products that meet your needs. While you ensure this, use our app to make it easier to beat the odds of buying counterfeit products and Raho Befikar.


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