Certifications That Add to the Authenticity of Firewall Technology
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Certifications That Add to the Authenticity of Firewall Technology

Firewall is an indigenously developed technology that involves the use of activated nano-engineered particles that are embedded in the polymer matrix of plywood, giving it best in class fire-fighting properties. Safety procedures followed for manufacturing plywood enriched with Firewall Technology are especially stringent than ordinary plywood standards. Because it falls not only in the realm of home design but also safety matters. It touches upon critical matters like saving lives and properties and a lot more in case of a fire accident.

This becomes more important considering the ever increasing fire disasters happening around us. Thus, CenturyPly, working on the philosophy of constant innovation and manufacturing only high quality products, keeps a tight check on the standard requirements for the fire-retardant plywood to add to the authenticity of the Firewall technology.

This phenomenal plywood is the best-in-class and is approved by Indian & Global Standards. It is tested and proved that plywood enriched with Firewall technology performs superior under standard test conditions to the benchmarks specified by Indian Standards IS 5509, American standards ASTM E84 and British standards BS 476.

It is measured against integral factors such as:

Flammability: Fire-retardant plywood delays the ignition of fire for more than 30 minutes. This is crucial to carry the evacuation process smoothly in case of a fire disaster.

Smoke Development Index: One of the major hindrances during the rescue process is suffocation caused by fire, so much that it can sometimes be deadly too. The fire-retardant plywood is tested to reduce the emission of smoke and toxic gases to protect yourself and your loved ones from suffocation.

Rate of Burning: It takes more than 30 minutes for fire-retardant plywood to catch fire once the flame starts to ignite the plywood sheet. This is a critical parameter and suits best in areas where there is an open fire, such as the kitchen. One can easily carry out preventive ways to stop their home from burning.

No one invites fire to their place. These mishappenings are usually a result of mistakes like leaving the stove on, a gas leak, or something else. All in all, any casual error can make the situation go out of control. Thus, experts all around the world weigh up the usage of fire-retardant plywood in homes and commercial spaces. It has become the need of the hour.

Don't delay safety anymore. Bring the world-class plywood enriched with Firewall technology home today! View detailed certifications here: https://www.centuryply.com/sainiklanding/pdf/Firewall-Test-Certificates.pdf

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