CenturyPromise: A step towards digital India
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CenturyPromise: A step towards digital India

CenturyPly has been the front-runner in applying innovation at work. This philosophy has been the cornerstone of all the processes and technologies that we introduce here at CenturyPly and is also the reason behind the contemporary lifestyle statements we deliver.

Since the time of our inception in 1986, we have taken giant strides and hence, today we are the largest seller of multi-use plywood in the Indian organised market. One of the strides has been the introduction of the CenturyPromise App which is a step towards revolutionizing how people buy plywood and completely changing their plywood buying experience.

The digital app has been launched for you to have a smooth experience when you plan to buy a CenturyPly. It can be easily installed from the app store or play store on your IOS or Android devices, respectively. With almost everything being digital, this is a leap towards providing consumer-friendly experience as well as maintaining trust amongst our loyal customers.

How can it benefit you?

We have always kept the safety of our consumers on top of everything we do. This digital app is one such example to show that we care. At the present time, we are facing a crisis of multiple sellers selling fake and duplicate plywood under fake brand stamps. This act is not just wrong with you but also for your furniture to end up with low quality plywood at a higher price.

To tackle this situation, we at CenturyPly decided to be part of the country's advancement by going digital. With this contribution, we also aimed at making your experience better and safe as much as possible. As with this digital app, you can easily identify the original CenturyPly with the help of a QR code scanner that is inbuilt in the app to wipe off any malicious practices.

How does the App work?

The CenturyPromise Application can really assure you of authentic plywood for the sake of the longevity of your furniture. We have also made the app - user friendly so that literally anybody from a carpenter to an architect can use it without facing any complexities.

When you buy plywood especially in bulk, it is more prone to be a mix of fake amongst the original ones. To eliminate this problem, you can easily use the QR code scanner from the app and it will provide you with all the information!

The QR code scanner will erase all your worries and will help with the following information with ease:

     Size of the plywood

     Name of the product

     Thickness of plywood

     Factory where it is manufactured

     Manufacturing date 

Therefore, the CenturyPromise App is truly a step towards digital India in every sense and is a hassle free way to be assured of the plywood quality. What are you waiting for? Get the CenturyPromise App today.

Download now: https://www.centuryply.com/centurypromise  

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