CenturyPly: “Raho Befikar with ViroKill”
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CenturyPly: “Raho Befikar with ViroKill”

The unforgiving nature of a global pandemic came to surface this year, affecting everyone irrespective of gender and age. With the fear of viruses at an all-time high, every Indian house rethought and reinforced their hygiene habits.


It is in such a state of affairs that we at CenturyPly made a promise to raise the hygiene standards of every Indian household even higher with new innovation and a new range of products. With our ultimate goal to enforce the motto of “Raho Befikar” among our cherished customers, we converted a global health threat into an opportunity, launching 'ViroKill’ — India’s first range of anti-viral laminate and ply. Read on to find out everything about ViroKill and why it let’s you be befikar about your interior hygiene.



CenturyPly ViroKill Technology is our antiviral technology that acts with highly energised nanoparticles. These are embedded into the matrix of our selected plywood variants and all our CenturyLaminates and kill more than 99% viruses, bacteria & fungus (microbes) through contact-killing mechanism. In simpler words, when microbes, bacteria, fungus or virus comes in contact with ViroKill laminates or plywood, the highly activated and energised Nanoparticles rupture and kill them through contact killing mechanism. This ensures that your furniture and surfaces are always hygienic, safe and healthy.



The ViroKill products from CenturyPly come with their own added benefits.


Valid for a lifetime: The best part about ViroKill Technology used for CenturyPly products is that the antiviral effects do not have any expiration date. i.e. they last for a lifetime. Unless the furniture surface is physically or chemically harmed, the effects of the ViroKill Technology do not deplete over time. This is primarily because it is not merely a surface treatment but something embedded deep into the product’s body & form.


Thermostable properties: In case you are worried that the strength of the antiviral properties will reduce when they interact with heat, you can rest assured because the ViroKill Technology is non-reactive to normal heat, humidity, moisture or sunlight.


Tough on germs, gentle on humans: The surfaces treated with ViroKill Technology will kill more than 99% viruses, but it will not harm a hair on anyone’s body as it is completely safe to touch & use. It is made with non-hazardous raw materials, making its products non-toxic.


Certified technology: We make our claims and back them up with proof, too! CenturyPly ViroKill products were duly tested at one of the most renowned testing laboratories, the Biotech Testing Services (BTS) located in Mumbai.


CenturyPly ViroKill Technology is a much-needed service to the people of our country and not only helps keep your furniture clean, hygienic and safe but also protects you and your family from the nuisance caused by viruses. Use it for your kitchen, bedroom, closet, coffee table & much more. Get home CenturyPly’s ViroKill products & Raho Befikar!


Explore CenturyPly ViroKill here: https://www.centuryply.com/virokillbycentury






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