CenturyPly Firewall Protection Is Must For Your Home Or Office
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CenturyPly Firewall Protection Is Must For Your Home Or Office

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      CenturyPly's latest innovation: Firewall Technology

      No extra cost for quality

     Workplace or Home - Protection is a must!



     In a nutshell


CenturyPly is the biggest manufacturer of plywood in India. They are known for being innovative with their ever evolving products in the Indian raw material industry. Not very recently CenturyPly came up with Firewall Technology Plywood which can extinguish the fire once its source is removed. Isn't that interesting?

This is a 5 minute read article that gives you all the information you need upon Firewall Protection Plywood. Let's get into it.

CenturyPly's latest innovation: Firewall Technology

The revolutionary Firewall Technology enables CenturyPly to be the best fire-fighting plywood available in India. You will get to know more about the product ranges further in the article. This plywood possesses some key properties that can be useful in the unfortunate event of a fire.

Check out the qualities mentioned below:

       It slows the spread of fire and does not act as a medium by burning slowly.

       It self-extinguishes when the source of fire is removed.

       It produces less smoke, which protects you from suffocation.

Most importantly, it gives customers the most crucial thing in the event of an unfortunate fire breakout. You guessed it right, it is TIME! It gives you some extra time at hand in order to act and save your life as well as others. Moreover, this also allows you a slack to call the fire department, ambulances, and so forth.

No extra cost for quality

All the quality features of the CenturyPly plywood are available in the Plywood with Firewall Technology. This technology has been made available by CenturyPly at no added cost! CenturyPly offers so much more than protection with Firewall Technology.

Workplace or Home - Protection is a must!

You have the right to security in any space, whether it is any commercial space, your home or your workplace. Therefore, CenturyPly has created an upgraded range of Fire Resistant plywood with ArchitectPly and ClubPrime. Here are some of the benefits of the Firewall Protection plywood by CenturyPly:

       Glue Line Protection (GLP):

This is a patent technology wherein each ply layer is treated with a quality resin that ensures 100% protection from borer and termite.

       Firewall Technology:

This technology gives you a circle of protection from fire and protects your workspace or home from any unwanted fire accidents.

       Virokill Technology:

It is a protective shield over the surface of plywood that ruptures the cell walls of 99.9% Bacteria, Microbes, Fungi and Viruses including the Covid-19.

       CenturyPromise App:

This is an ultimate way to ensure the originality of your plywood as the CenturyPromise App allows you to have protection from duplicate plywood by authenticating them through the app. 


This plywood range from CenturyPly is a high-end product made from remarkable hardwood timber species and bonded with BWP grade epoxy resins. Apart from the above mentioned features of the firewall grade plywood by CenturyPly, here are some of the unique features that you get with every ArchitectPly plywood:

1. Money Back Promise:

CenturyPly assures you a 4 times money back promise so that you can be worry free about the quality of the product.

2. Lifetime Warranty:

This is a huge commitment because ArchitectPly comes with a lifetime warranty.

3. Boiling Water Proof:

ArchitectPly plywood is boiling water proof which means it doesn't get affected by exposure to moisture. 


The ClubPrime Plywood is manufactured using a unique pre-pressing technique that ensures an even distribution of moisture and adhesive throughout the plywood. Apart from the features mentioned for the Firewall grade plywood by CenturyPly, here are some of the unique features that you get with every ClubPrime plywood:

  1. Glue Shear Strength (GSS):

This quality feature makes ClubPrime plywood 65% stronger than any other ordinary plywood.

  1. Strength and Shape Retention (SSR):

You can ensure the strength and intactness of your plywood with ClubPrime as it has the standardized moisture content and nail holding strength for a quality plywood.

  1. 25 Year Warranty:

ClubPrime Plywood comes with a 25 Year product warranty

  1. Passed 25 Standard Tests:

The Club Prime Firewall Technology Plywood from CenturyPly is tested for 25 stringent tests.

In a nutshell

Be prepared for unfavorable situations by taking precautionary measures such as using Firewall Protection plywood. CenturyPly makes it easier by adding no extra charges for it. Therefore if you are in the middle of a home construction, office remodeling or home refurbishment then you must consider opting for plywood with firewall technology instead of the regular one! Hop on to the CenturyPly EShop and order now: https://www.centuryply.com/eshop/


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