CenturyDoors: An Entry To A Whole New Mood
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CenturyDoors: An Entry To A Whole New Mood

From grand entrances to quiet exits, open doors to different moods with CenturyDoors.

Doors are the first point of contact for any house, office space, workroom or classroom. Commonly, doors seem to make up the first impression of any given house. The entrances to your beautiful homes deserve to be as gorgeous as the interiors and can dictate the way it portrays your persona and your mood.

Doors are found at every entrance of your house, offices or schools. Today, there are several architectural designs that add doors from kitchens to closets and include them in various parts of the house. Doors protect and prevent but also add the magic touch to an entrance. In several cultures, doors symbolize change and transformation. They are considered a significant part of any house and in multiple traditions, doors are decorated, beautified and worshipped. Doors are believed to be the first step of a journey so why hesitate on picking the right first step into your home?

At CenturyDoors, we offer a wide range of designs and colours that fit different needs of the house. CenturyDoors brings you entrances that you wish be it classy, simple or avant garde. Strong and durable, our doors are manufactured to check all boxes on your list. With best in class technology, our doors are made to last longer and shine brighter. We offer warranties ranging from 5-10 years against termite and borer attack and all our doors come with specifications measured for features like slam proof, bend proof and strength.

Go all out on looking stylish and expressing yourself not just while decorating your house or remodelling your office space but also in picking a beautiful entrance. CenturyDoors are ready to use doors that are designed to meet style and utility requirements alike. We offer different designs and colours in flush doors, panel moulded doors and decorative doors so you can cut down the work on fishing around for more materials and designs while choosing a door. Do not hold yourself back in opting for one single look when we offer multiple options. While flush doors offer you a simple and chic vibe, you can pick one from our Bond, Sainik or Club Prime doors for an elegant look. Panel moulded doors come in Melamine, Metallic, Plain and White Primered skins. These doors are the true example of a simple step adding significant changes. Classy and charming, panel moulded doors look great for anyone who wants to get on above the average. Our range of decorative doors are a real game changer. In Century Laminated, Century Veneered and Sainik Laminated, you can also find eccentric designs for doors that are fashionable and durable in one go.

When entrances can be gorgeous, why limit them to your main doors or room entrances? With the designs and styles you get on doors, one will be left installing doors for every storage space, closets and cabinets. Added on to design needs, the utility on CenturyDoors allows you to install them even for your kitchen and bathroom doors. They come in boiling waterproof grade with resistance to fire and changing weather conditions so the food in your kitchen or the moisture in your bathroom pose no threat to the longevity of your doors. The next time you finish cooking a fresh meal, you’ll be left exiting your kitchen through a beautiful door and a waft of tasty food.

From minimalism to maximalism, from elegant to eccentric, your doors give you different options and moods to walk into. When we offer you a large selection of choices, pick a simple approach to enter your cozy bedroom and a decorative door to exit your steamy bathroom. Don’t hold back on choosing style and strength for your entrances.

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