CenturyPly: A brand that promises quality
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CenturyPly: A brand that promises quality

As validated by you and our other valued customers, CenturyPly has become a trusted brand with its constant efforts to innovate as per the necessities of any user.

One such thoughtful problem-solving innovation is the CenturyPly Promise app. With the market being plagued with duplicate plywood under great brand names like CenturyPly itself, it became of utmost importance that we create a solution that will protect the consumers from low-grade plywood and such fraudulent dealers and vendors.

Given the emotional connection that CenturyPly shares with its long term users, we promised them to take a resolution to safeguard them from low-quality plywood. Basis that, we launched the CenturyPromise App. It is a digital application that can be installed from your app store or play store on your IOS or Android device, respectively.

What is the objective of CenturyPromise?

We, at CenturyPly, believe that our customers are not merely the end product consumers, but are our stakeholders. Hence, we reserve all of their rights to make decisions that matter for both the brand and themselves.

With CenturyPromise, we hand over the onus of ensuring the authenticity of the plywood to our valuable ‘stakeholders’. With this app, they themselves can identify the original CenturyPly, ensuring quality for themselves and maintenance of reputation for the brand.

How difficult is it to use this app?

Did you find it difficult to install the app?

Using this app is as simple as installing it.

Just with quick steps to fill in the basic details, you will be all set to use the app.

If you have ever noticed, each of the plywood from CenturyPly has a QR code imprinted on it. Ever wondered, that this QR code is not merely a pattern but an important shield that can protect you from counterfeiting and fraud?

The launched CenturyPromise app has a QR code scanner with which you can scan the QR code that is given on the plywood. Within a few milliseconds only, it will give you everything you need to know about the particular product.

Not only it tells you if the product is genuine or fake, but it also gives you other important information about the product.

It tells you about the place where the plywood was manufactured. It also gives you other information like the manufacturing date, the product as well as the product specifications.

Now that we are talking about warranty, you would be surprised to know that now you can download the e-warranty of your purchase anytime and anywhere without being actually present in front of the dealer.

All this, just with a single app: CenturyPromise.

Download now - https://www.centuryply.com/centurypromise

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