Can't go out to buy the plywood that you need?
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Can't go out to buy the plywood that you need?

Even before the pandemic, renovating your house was a hectic job. And during the lockdown? With limited movement, closed markets, it can be overwhelming and near impossible. So, the long-pending renovation of your house, which you’ve been putting off for long enough gets postponed some more, if not scrapped completely.

Whether you’re working with laminates, doors, furniture or just want to know the cost of a 16mm plywood sheet, there’s no way to manage all these requirements without stepping out. Or is there?

What if there was a way to shop for plywood online, without having to step out at all? That’s where we saw an opportunity.

Introducing the CenturyPly e-shop

At CenturyPly, improving the lives of all our customers has always been the primary objective. And this infectious purpose affects every process, at every stage of our infrastructure. So, when we rolled out the CenturyPly e-shop, we designed it carefully with the customer experience in mind.

Now more than ever, people are virtually living out of their homes. Working from home has significantly changed the way people do business. Whether it’s shopping for groceries, clothes, home appliances or furniture, everything can be done from the comfort of home. So, why can’t we do the same for plywood? After all, it’s your home, and your home make-over also deserves the same love and attention.

Tips of the Trade

We wanted to develop an app that was quick, reliable, intuitive and super easy to use. And that’s exactly what we did. The CenturyPly e-shop is not your regular e-commerce website but represents our willingness to go the extra mile for our customers.

Keeping the user interface easy to navigate was a big priority for us. Even though there is a high digital penetration in India, digital literacy is still a problem. So, we designed the website to be intuitive and accessible while adding even more functionality to the user experience.

How it works

Users have to simply choose a location of their choice, and navigate from our list of available products, be it laminates, plywood, doors or PVC boards. This real-time geo-location automatically filters the available products in your city.

The CenturyPly e-shop lets you browse for products by size, thickness and even lets you compare prices before making a purchase. This helps customers make the best choice that fits their needs while also renewing their trust in our products and services.

Got a big DIY project home? No worries, check for affordable plywood at the click of a button. And if it’s a grand revamping of your home, you can pick the more premium options. We didn’t just want to bring CenturyPly online but wanted to make the process of buying plywood sheets online hassle-free and efficient.

Why CenturyPly e-shop?

A one-stop-shop for all your home-makeover needs, the Centuryply e-shop hopes to liberate our customers from the stress of renovations. Say goodbye to spending long hours looking for the right vendors, prices and quality plywood. You can easily find the e-shop on our website or simply click this clink:

Save more time, money and get the CenturyPly guarantee of quality plywood, every single time. 


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