Cabinets that won't go unnoticed
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Cabinets that won't go unnoticed

Your cabinets are meant to be as aesthetic as they are functional and if they’re not turning heads, well, it’s time for a revamp!

Here's how you can design a kitchen that will put a smile on your face every morning when you open a cabinet to retrieve that big bowl for the family breakfast. Will it be stylish or boring? Tall or short? Red or blue? With today's modern kitchen cabinets, all are possible!

Bring the beauty and simple elegance of aesthetic laminate cabinets to any room in your home! Our laminates are handcrafted using premium grade, select hardwood veneers. They are sustainably harvested, unsurpassed quality and provide an exceptional finish that is smooth and aesthetically pleasing with rich color combinations, creating a distinctive and long-lasting style. Cabinets made from CenturyLaminates are bound to turn heads!

CenturyLaminates is available in an array of over 75 colors and textures, including painted finishes, solids and woodgrains. Laminates from Century also offer scratch, stain, water and heat-resistant protection.

Let’s check some options that can act like an inspiration for you:

Grey is virtually synonymous with refinement and never goes out of style when it comes to adding sophistication.

You can also try to match the feel of your living room with different colours, but make sure the laminates have a minimal texture so they preserve their grace even if you have other mild tones.

The entire look does not appear alienated when the panel is in rhythm with the rest of the bedroom, and it remains safely gracious even after adding the textured panel to your television area.

Bring a refreshing splash of life to your kitchen with this beautiful light blue cabinet. A cheerful, light-colored blue blend catches the eyes. Lightweight, tough and easy to clean, our Blue glass-look vanity cabinet has a durable laminated surface that resists scratches and chips caused by everyday use. Warm, sleek and stylish, our cabinets belong in modern houses everywhere.

CenturyLaminates have simple, yet elegant, designs that will amaze you with surprising space and versatile usage in any room. Enjoy the warm, rich color of this unique laminate. The solid core construction allows for a sturdy, long-lasting storage solution for your kitchen or bath area.

Peruse over the many options of durable, quality laminates that will compliment any kitchen or bathing space. The finished product will enhance your new space and be a stylish addition for years to come. Liven up your kitchen or your bathroom area with a splash of style. We bring just the right amount of color to your room, whether you're looking for a classic look or the latest trend, we've got the right fit for you.

You can browse from the wide range of CenturyLaminates at and decide what works the best for you.

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