Busting the myths About Centuryply Antiviral Plywood
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Busting the myths About Centuryply Antiviral Plywood

Always innovating the next best thing for their customers, CenturyPly broke new ground with the introduction of the revolutionary ViroKill Technology in the manufacturing of antiviral plywood-- a pioneering product in the home building industry. With this new virus-killing plywood in the market, customers now had the opportunity to secure their homes and protect their loved ones from the harmful diseases caused by bacteria, fungus and viruses.

But with every innovation comes a string of doubts-- Is the product safe? How long will the effects last for? Will it work as it claims? 

Busting the Myths About CenturyPly Antiviral Plywood - CenturyPly

In this blog today, we will discuss certain apprehensions you might have about CenturyPly’s antiviral plywood and bust some myths associated with the product. Read on to explore.

ViroKill effects last for a short span of time and are temporary in nature.


ViroKill Technology uses highly activated nanoparticles that are embedded into the plywood’s polymer matrix system. This means that the antiviral properties are never lost and are maintained, unless chemically interfered with. Therefore, CenturyPly antiviral plywood can protect your furniture from more than 99% viruses, fungus, bacteria and microbes throughout its lifetime.

Busting the Myths About CenturyPly Antiviral Plywood - CenturyPly


ViroKill Technology kills viruses that enter your home.


This statement is partially true. ViroKill Technology kills any virus that lands on the surface of CenturyPly antiviral plywood, which include viruses that enter your home through air. It is still important to keep in mind that the viruses propelled in the air are not affected by ViroKill Technology, but only those are killed which actually land on the surface of the product. This means that the surfaces of your antiviral furniture become virus-killing surfaces, keeping your home safer that any regular plywood.


ViroKill Technology uses toxic chemicals that are harmful to touch.


ViroKill Treatment in reality, is completely safe for its seller, buyer and user, thereby making it safe to touch for humans of all ages. The raw materials, adhesives and additives used to manufacture antiviral plywood is non-hazardous to human health, which means that the furniture you make with the plywood is always hygienic and clean.

Busting the Myths About CenturyPly Antiviral Plywood - CenturyPly


CenturyPly antiviral plywood is very difficult to clean.


The upkeep of antiviral plywood is simple and easy-- all you need is one microfiber cloth and a diluted or gentle cleaning solution, or in other, prescribed cleaning techniques. Dust the surfaces of the furniture once a week or wipe with the cleaning solution. The antiviral furniture eliminates more than 99% viruses, bacteria and fungus, saving you the trouble of frequent sanitation.

Apart from this, CenturyPly ViroKill Technology is thermostable, non-reactive to external polishing or painting and is the best building material for safe, beautiful and strong interiors.

If you are curious to explore CenturyPly ViroKill Technology in detail, watch our film here: https://www.youtube.com/embed/gFWNGNAxvR0?autoplay=1

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