Bring the fire-fighter to your home
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Bring the fire-fighter to your home

Want to take your home’s interior to the next level and transform the vibe? (Who doesn’t actually) Then the fastest and the proven way is to get the right furniture elements that can work wonders for you. Make your statement out loud and elevate your spaces with the furniture designs you have always dreamt of. From that gorgeous chair, stunning kitchen cabinets, comfortable bed to an adorable door for your room, plywood can be all for you.

That’s about the look of your adobe. But, If you are under the impression that aesthetic homes and safe homes don’t go hand in hand, then it’s just the right time to introduce you to the latest fire-fighting plywood from the house of CenturyPly.

We, at CenturyPly, run on the philosophy of applying the principle of innovation in everything we do. One of the latest in our portfolio is the world-class Firewall technology. This best-in-class indigenously developed technology draws in the use of nano-engineered particles that are deeply embedded in the polymer matrix of plywood, imparting its ultimate fire-fighting properties.

In simpler words, when you make beautiful furniture from the plywood made using the firewall technology, you not only enhance your home’s aesthetics but also get yourself your very own personal fire-fighter.

In case of unfortunate fire-related incidents, this fire-fighting plywood works as your savior. It delays the spread of fire by up to thirty minutes and cuts the smoke generated by a considerable percentage. This, in turn, has combined benefits - both for you and your property. Because the suffocation is almost negligible, you can help yourself and your loved one evacuate the space smoothly without hindrances. A situation like fire can easily cause panic, and thus a delay in fire-spread is just the thing you want at that point in time.

Considering the above aspects, it is only prudent to call this fire-fighting plywood a life savior. Made with the best-in-class material, the plywood is also completely waterproof and can be used in every nook and corner of your home. Ditch all your existing furniture elements, and just choose the best this time. Incorporate this plywood in making an alluring future for your kitchen and bring back the inner chef in you. Use this plywood to make your graceful dining table and call guests for a candle light dinner. In short, be free from all worries and live life with utmost peace of mind.

Gear up for a whole new level of home makeover now. It’s your turn to bring the fire-fighter to your home now and make it a safe and pleasing haven. If you want to know more about it, please read here:


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