Bright and Vibrant Spaces with Plywood: A Design Gallery
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Bright and Vibrant Spaces with Plywood: A Design Gallery

Home is where the art is. So, brightening up your home to strike a perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics is not child’s play. However, with proper planning and practicality, you can upgrade the space as per your desire. From clean modern looks to boho-aesthetics, when it comes to the designing of the home, homeowners tend to get confused with the plethora of options. If you’re one of them, fret not. Here comes the list of expert-approved decor hacks with plywood that is too good to pass up. Keep reading:

The Charming Corner

With the advent of hybrid work culture and virtual classrooms, it has become imperative to have an aesthetically appealing study/ work area. Instill charm and freshness to this place of your home with a space-efficient ergonomically designed table. Get a comfortable and relaxing chair to make the working hours less tedious. In addition to all of this, make the area functional by attached plywood shelves to add tiny decors or books.

A Luxe Look

As the usage of multiple furniture in the living area starts to wane, what’s trending these days is the wooden aesthetics. Create a super modern luxe look in your living area with a hint of minimalism. For instance, opt for a design-forward plywood wall cabinet that depicts the expert craftsmanship inside out. Apart from being from a huge storage area, this space-saving paraphernalia is a perfect choice to elevate the ambiance of your living area.

The Might of White

If you are someone who prefers the plush look and vibe of white, this is something you need to invest in. Get a customised plywood bookshelf painted in white that screams sophistication without compromising on simplicity. To amp up the decorative game, you can add a planter that would break the matchy monotony and make the space lively at par.


An Effortless Layout

More and more people these days are gravitating towards a layout that allows flexibility, convenience, privacy. Precisely, the days of open kitchenettes are in vogue. So, if you have a master living cum open kitchen, add a twist to the entire setup with an intricately designed wooden divider. Easy to maintain and modern to look at, the dividers of these shorts render elegance and privacy seamlessly.

That’s a wrap for the day!

Since you are now equipped with the right information, it’s time to do the deed. Lately, the milieu of our home has become more important than ever. It’s not only restricted to adding luxuries but livable additions. At CenturyPly, we provide the best-in-class plywood for the ultimate makeover of your home. Click here to know more

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