Benefits Of SAINIK 710 Plywood
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Benefits Of SAINIK 710 Plywood

What does one look forward to after a long day at work? Come home to crash on a comfy sofa and get a good night’s rest on a warm bed.

One of the biggest concerns while decorating your home or workspace is the furniture you add to it. To your visitors and guests, interiors always strike the first impression. The key to good furniture is picking the right building blocks- plywood, which dictates the comfort, life and usage of your furniture. Plywood is used for several purposes across households to school to professional designs. CenturyPly is invested in creating and curating high quality plywood that makes the perfect foundation to good furniture. True to its name, our Sainik 710 is plywood created to protect and preserve.

With multiple benefits, it is manufactured to be bend resistant with multiple layers of plies for strength and durability. Our plies are glued together with excellent quality adhesives that assure strength and stability. One of the biggest challenges of having wooden furniture is the insects that find themselves attracted to this. Borer and termites can pose a big threat to the good quality furniture you’re housing. Equipped to fight its enemies, Sainik 710 is chemically treated to build immunity against borer and termites. With your wood safe and protection from pests, you can now sleep without worrying about your furniture being ruined. Sainik 710, also available in blockboard, is designed to be the best plywood available in the market with good value for your money. Fighting against all climatic conditions, here’s why our plywood soldier tops your list- 


Waterproof wood? Yes, you heard it right!

Constantly changing climate can cause pollution, moisture and dirt to affect your furniture and lessen it’s lifespan. Sainik 710 is designed to protect itself against water, our asli waterproof plywood. With less water absorption, our plywood is boiling waterproof and is the perfect solution to softening of wood when over exposed to moisture and water. Your kids spilling drinks or your guests causing a drinking mishap won’t be a worry when you have Sainik 710.


Finding comfort and beautiful designs at affordable prices can be a task. Sainik 710 is the only plywood with one price all across India. Finding a good plywood with prices that are easy on the pocket can be very difficult. To end your search for affordable plywood that is also reliable and waterproof, we bring to your Sainik 710 just at Rs.102 per sq ft /1098 per sq mt (inclusive of GST). Our aim is to equip you with good furniture that is valuable to the money you’re paying.

8 years warranty

Your furniture will be a part of the memories you make along the way while it lasts longer and provides durability and comfort. When wood is protected against factors like changing climatic conditions, moisture, water and pests, it is bound to last longer and keep you happier. Sainik 710 is designed to live a long and healthy life. We offer an 8 years warranty unlike any other. Our aim is to provide you with furniture that lasts.

CenturyPly is a promise against duplicate plywood. Our wood is designed to become a member of your family and to prevent all kinds of harm posed at wooden furniture. Priced reasonably and built to endure, Sainik 710 is a soldier that provides your protection and durability. If you’re confused about picking the right foundation for your furniture, the best choice in the market is most definitely the plywood soldier. If you’re looking for a sturdy, stable and reliable plywood for your needs, SAINIK 710 is your man!



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