Beautiful decor that is germ-free
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Beautiful decor that is germ-free

When it comes to our house, we consistently keep looking forward to ace our game on classy and elegant decor. We see any trending interior in our neighbour’s house and we want something similar on these lines. Whereas, the other times, while flipping and scrolling through magazines and social media, respectively, we find something fascinating and we decide to emulate that in our living spaces.

No matter what excuse you pick up to revamp your interiors, you tend to forget an important aspect that should have been your priority. Is the decor you chose free of germs? Can it safeguard you from the various infections and microbe caused diseases? Can it keep your home free from the fungus that can settle on your furniture during the monsoon and spread cough and cold among your kids? Can it safeguard your innocent pets from licking the bacteria settled on the interiors and getting ill?

Even if you have missed this important aspect hitherto, here is your chance to make the amends with the new decor that you are planning to get for your home.

How can the new decoratives be any better?

As a brand that has established its credibility over a lengthy period of time, CenturyLaminates does not restrict itself to regular plywood with basic safeguards like termite-proof and water-resistant to its plywood. Rather, it believes in providing a holistic safeguard to its consumers itself.

With this very motto, after rigorous research and development, CenturyPly innovated the ViroKill Technology.

This technology uses nanoparticles that are specially designed and uses self-doctoring surface treatment against microorganisms through AAAA (antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial and antimicrobial) complete safety protection mechanism.

We are not claiming it without any proof. When the ViroKill Technology was tested as per ISO 201702:2019 standard, it was found that the ViroKill technology kills 99.99% of viruses within a time span of 24 hours.

Wow! Is it effective for only a few years?

ViroKill is an amazing revolution that remains effective for LIFETIME! Particularly because instead of chemically treating laminate, the specially designed nanoparticles are embedded in the polymer matrix system of the given product. Therefore, unless there is physical damage or subjection to any chemical, the ViroKill is not going anywhere.

The ViroKill technology is non-leachable and does not get affected by humidity or sunlight. Thus, the antiviral properties are going to stay intact.

Which all decoratives are embedded with ViroKill?

Because we promised to assure you a germ-free environment without compromising on the beauty aspect, CenturyLaminates embeds all of its laminates with the ViroKill technology.

Thus, you do not have to compromise on the class apart aspect of your decor at all. Now you can enquire about your favourite antiviral laminates at:

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