Batthing spaces can use some gloss
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Batthing spaces can use some gloss

If you’re like us, then you enjoy having a clean and tidy space to relax, unwind and create your masterpiece. Wouldn't it be wonderful to relax in a space that brings serenity to your mind and joy to your heart? We're sure it would. There is something so magical about bathing in warm water with scented bubbles floating around your body—it really does leave you feeling as if you were walking on air. While it’s not necessarily the most important room in the house, it is one that should have some level of attractiveness to it.

Get ready to bring some elegance into your bathroom. The Lucida laminate collection by CenturyLaminates is an affordable, high quality material with a contemporary look that's fresh and fashionable. The 7mm thick planks are even heat resistant and stain resistant for added durability. Choose from four distinct colors, or create dynamic and unique patterns.

Let’s make this room shine bright, shall we?

With Lucida CenturyLaminates you can now acquire a bathing space that has a striking shine to it. No one would believe that the high-gloss shine would come with low-maintenance. Lucida laminates come in a multitude of colour and design combinations crafted to create a striking appeal with a surface that is as resilient as they come. The laminate comes with a patented 5 layer design that gives it the high-shine look, but at the same time is extremely resilient and durable making it easier to maintain as well as keep it looking new for longer.

Let’s talk about the USPs:

1. ViroKill Technology: CenturyLaminates are now equipped with ViroKill Technology with one purpose in mind, Your health. Get New and upgraded ViroKill embedded laminates to provide A-One protection to your interiors and furniture surfaces.

2. Scuff Resistant: Scuff resistance might not be the first thing that comes to mind when decorating your home, but it should be. Scuffs on cabinets & surfaces can make a room look tired and worn. Lucida is absolutely scuff resistant. Say goodbyes to unwanted scuff for life!

3. Abrasion Resistant: Our lucida laminate is abrasion resistant. Laminate floors are often under-rated when it comes to their durability. This type of floor is extremely hard-wearing and easy to clean, dusting simply with a vacuum cleaner or using a damp mop and warm water.

4. Stain Resistant: Lucida laminates are made for the long haul. It's resistant to stains, which is a real plus when you're maintaining a busy household.

5. Heat Resistant: The Lucida laminates are made to withstand the daily rigors of high temperatures. The qualities of this product make it an ideal fit for bathrooms. With a great resistance to moisture, this laminate will last you through years of use and abuse. This beautiful laminate gives your bathroom a vibrant look that complements any decor, while maintaining an elegant and warm appearance. So you can enjoy your bath without worrying about damaging your laminates.

Lucida laminates are the perfect choice for your bathroom. It is exceptionally hard-wearing and surface-friendly, with fine pattern detail and a luxurious look. This solid, easy to clean surface will bring a sense of style and luxury to your bathroom that you would expect. Its low maintenance properties will help you keep the room looking clean for longer, whilst it's easy wipeable surface makes cleaning spills a breeze.

Don't wait anymore, acquire Lucida laminates today. To learn more, follow this link -

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