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Antiviral Plywood: Reinventing an Important Segment of Infrastructure

Antiviral Plywood: Reinventing an Important Segment of Infrastructure

As we begin taking strides into the new year, it is only fair to review the growth of the interior decor segment.

Over the years, this economic sector has boomed, flourished and has been transformed, owing to the dedicated group of people toiling to bring you newer and improved innovations for your convenience. With the countless developments happening within the space and various creative minds contributing technical ideas, there has been perpetual advancements in terms of both products and its applications.

One such product that is reinventing an important segment of infrastructure is antiviral plywood.

Antiviral Plywood: Reinventing an Important Segment of Infrastructure

Plywood has grown since their inception in terms of manufacturing technology, features & benefits, and over the years has introduced various trends and concepts to the consumers to explore and in the process an experience of better living.

With the introduction of antiviral plywood in the form of CenturyPly’s very own ViroKill Technology, a new standard of interior hygiene has been set across India and one cannot imagine their homes without the added protection from more than 99.99% viruses, bacteria & fungus it provides.

Keeping in mind the hygiene factor, CenturyPly’s antiviral range of plywood had been introduced in the market in early August of 2020. This plywood range had been introduced with the intention of taking care of the health of the consumers, ensuring a more hygienic living experience.

Antiviral Plywood: Reinventing an Important Segment of Infrastructure

The application of antiviral plywood expands to all possible uses, thus making surfaces in your kids’ rooms, kitchen, living room, restroom, and even offices effectively a germ-free zone!

The ongoing trends and the advancements in terms of innovations are indicative of the fact that the plywood Industry is bound to grow even further in years to come.

If you are planning to renovate your home or are in the planning process of building a new one, check out our range of antiviral products for a beautifully hygienic space here: https://www.centuryply.com/virokillbycentury

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