Amp Up Your Abode With Plywood Furniture
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Amp Up Your Abode With Plywood Furniture

Having a home or buying a new home is definitely a blessing. But designing a home is a task! The idea is to have interiors that have a character resembling your personality or speaking your values. And the story of interiors starts with the furniture that you assemble in your house.

For over a century now, plywood has been the most sought-after material to make the furniture for your abode. There are of course many reasons for plywood to be the ‘choice of the century’.

Can you list some?

1. One that is strong: Plywood is made by gluing core veneers and panel veneers in an alternate cross bonded structure.

Thus, using plywood as a material will give your furniture the strength to bear the brunt of heavy materials or showpieces that you wish to use your wooden furniture for.

2. One which is durable: CenturyPly believes to use innovation at work. Thereby, it has innovated various technologies that can make plywood durable, giving your furniture a long life.

With its BWP grade, CenturyPly plywood is an upgrade of the existing water-resistant plywood in the market with its boiling waterproof properties:

Not only this, it has been certified to be a fully borer and termite proof plywood that keeps the intentions of the termites and borers to turn the plywood into ashes at bay.

3. One which is lightweight: Despite being laced with extraordinary capabilities, CenturyPly plywood is not as bulky.

Lighter furniture, in comparison to solid wood furniture, is much easier to move, in case you are looking to relocate your piece of furniture for giving a new perspective to your room.

4. One with long warranty periods: If you choose brands like CenturyPly for plywood, you do not have to worry about the quality of the plywood at all. This is because CenturyPly makes sure that you have longer warranty periods for a forever trust in us and your furniture, of course.

With CenturyPly, you get to buy plywood that has a warranty period as long as LIFETIME too and we are not even kidding:

5. One which can be customised:  One of the best things about plywood is that, unlike solid wood, plywood can be easily cut down into any shape that is required for your furniture. This precision makes it a perfect fit for furniture especially, intricate ones. 

Also, while cutting, there is less waste of wood, making the use of material judiciously.

6. One which keeps you safe: The majority of the brands are restricted to water resistance and strength when it comes to the innovation of plywood. Whereas, CenturyPly remarkably researches and works rigorously to make its plywood stand out in the crowd.

For this, CenturyPly has brought to you technologies like Firewall, which makes a plywood fire-retardant and ViroKill, which keeps your plywood furniture 99.99% free of microbes like fungus, bacteria and even viruses.

Thus, plywood furniture is more durable, strong and comes with the modern innovations offered by premium brands like CenturyPly itself.

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