All the Reason for Choosing Veneers for your Doors
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All the Reason for Choosing Veneers for your Doors

All the Reason for Choosing Veneers for your Doors

A holistic interior decor design is striking the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics and veneer doors embody this perfectly.

Choosing the perfect ply, finding a skilled craftsman and installing them as it is not enough to create a mesmerising design. The ultimate finish still needs to be worked upon, ensuring that it not only complements your overall decor but also enhances it. What better finishing material that the plush, royal-looking veneers?

Let us find out all the reasons that make veneers the best choice for your doors.

1. Adds Luxuriousness

Doors can be leveraged and used as a medium to provide warmth to the interiors of a house. A wooden door can be veneered with your choice of design, pattern & finish, which can deliver warm indulgence and create the feel of a cozy home. You can match the richness of veneer with that of your furniture to create a cohesive look or you can use tones that create a contrast. Veneers give the doors and partitions look less clinical and more elegant.

All the Reason for Choosing Veneers for your Doors

2. Adds Strength

Veneer sheets are supremely durable and don’t just add beauty to your doors, but naturally act as an added layer of protection for them which enhances their longevity. They safeguard your doors from dust, weather variance, staining and more. So, protect your doors stylishly with a finishing layer of natural veneers. 

3. Varity of Wood Colours:

You can choose the type of wood species/veneer you would like for your door, to ensure that it merges with the design of your premises.

For instance, you can choose veneers that resemble lighter woods like oak, maple or birch, or veneers made from darker woods, like walnut or mahogany.

4. Varity of Grain Patterns available:

It’s also possible to choose the wood ‘type’ or grain pattern of the veneer to help you achieve a specific look.

Different grains are produced by cutting and splicing the wood in different ways. Common grains/cuts include plain, crown, quarter sliced, rotary, rift, bird’s eye and quilted. If you have a wide range of doors/items to cover, the grain can often be maintained by sourcing the wood from a single log.

5. No Maintenance Hassle

Veneer doors can be maintained easily and no otherworldly contraptions are needed to ensure their long-lasting resilience. Simply dust them once a week, wipe their surface with a damp microfiber cloth every two weeks and opt for a veneer polish once in six months and you’re done! These doors will look as beautiful as the day you installed them for a long time to come.

The veneered door industry is booming because of its inherent beauty, practicality and eco-friendly nature. If you too, are looking to buy veneered doors or want to choose the best veneers for your doors, check out our website here: 

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