All about different grades of plywood
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All about different grades of plywood

1.1 Introduction

1.2 About us

1.3 Different grades of plywood

1.4 Before you make the purchase.

1.5 Conclusion

1.1 Introduction

There are a plethora of different brands, types, technologies and grades of plywood available in the market today, this makes purchasing plywood a hectic task. In this blog we will cover each and every thing about different grades of plywood and what are some of the few protocols that you should follow before making a plywood purchase. In the beginning let us tell you a little about ourselves, followed by what plywood is and then all that you need to know about the grades of plywood available in the market.

1.2 About us

CenturyPly has been the front-runner in applying innovation at work. This simple philosophy has been the cornerstone of all our processes and technologies. It has led us to design and deliver contemporary lifestyle statements that have become synonymous with modern living. CenturyPly is the unprecedented choice of architects and interior designers – they strongly recommend our products for transforming ordinary steel and concrete structures to expressions of one's personality. From flexible plywoods that offer a unique blend of form and functionality to specially treated, Fire Retardant plywoods that find use in a myriad of construction purposes, we have the right products to target different building needs.

1.3 Different grades of plywood

1.3.1 Moisture Resistant (MR grade) Plywood

MR grade plywood refers to moisture resistant plywood, this type of plywood is the most widely used plywood and is often used to make common furniture including chairs, tables, wardrobes etc. thus it is also known as commercial grade plywood. Remember while this plywood can resist a certain extent of moisture, it should not be for surfaces that are directly or consistently exposed to water.

1.3.2 Boiling Water Resistant (BWR grade) Plywood

BWR grade plywood refers to boiling water resistant plywood, this grade of plywood uses the same components that are used for making waterproof plywood but it is not 100% waterproof as BWP grade plywood, this is used for surfaces that are moderately exposed to water such as outdoor furniture, etc.

1.3.3 Boiling Water Proof (BWP grade) Plywood

BWP grade plywood refers to boiling water proof plywood, this plywood is 100% waterproof and is used for furnishing places that are constantly exposed to water, such as bathrooms, kitchens, etc. This type of plywood is also used for marine applications such as boats and ships and thus it is commonly known as marine grade plywood.

1.4 Before you make the final purchase.

Now that you know about the different grades of plywood, you are all set to make a purchase as per your needs. Down below are a few more points that’ll help you make the best plywood purchase:

  1. Check the quality: Check the quality of your purchase thoroughly, for this you can conduct a few basic tests.
  2. Choose the right manufacturer: Choosing a manufacturer wisely, makes your purchase worry-free. As with a trusted manufacturer such as CenturyPly you get a lot of benefits apart from the top-notch product. We at CenturyPly keep in mind the difficulties that a customer might face and thus we’ve introduced ground breaking technologies such as ViroKill, Firewall and Termite resistant technologies in our plywood, which makes your purchase worth every penny.
  3. Don’t fall for payment scams: Frauds have been on a rise these past few years, make sure you don’t make an online payment to a fraudulent site. CenturyEshop is our official online store. Purchasing plywood online? Make sure you go for CenturyEshop only!

1.5 Conclusion

It’s always best to do some research before buying any product. Make sure you buy the product as per your needs, conduct a quality check before making the final purchase, and trust only a renowned brand. To learn more about CenturyPly you can visit:


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