Add a natural hue in your bathing space
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Add a natural hue in your bathing space

Our fast-paced life has many situations where sometimes it becomes challenging for us and sometimes, our mundane routine stresses us out. To tackle this, none of us either have the time or it’s feasible for us to go for the luxury of the spa or any other therapeutic relaxing sessions every day.

So how does one destress?

The most viable option is to transform your bathroom into a spa centre.

We are not joking. Imagine having a bathing space that has a natural hue to it and the aura matches that of the serene forests. Wouldn’t you want to spend the rest of your day here to relax and calm your nerves?

So, let’s hop on to some ideas that can give you a bathing space that will absorb all your tension and give you the rejuvenation that you seek at the end of your rushing day.

1. The Bamboo Work: 

The natural lighter tone of bamboo has the magic to lighten your head automatically even before you take the relaxing dip. The chic colour has the tendency to soften your muscles and give your eyes a soothed experience.

Clad the wall against your bathtub to stay in proximity to the lighter tones and choose the exact same veneer for the steam area. To enhance the appeal, add bamboo mats in the bathing area and you have a nature’s lap to yourself every evening after your working hours.

2. The Wooden Melange: 

How about having a bathing space that has a contrasting appeal to give you a blend of colours?

Well use the natural shade of wood veneer to complement the posh flooring and it will give you an elegant private space. Sill the veneer cladding with a darker laminate and add the elements of aura to the place.

While you are relaxing in the lukewarm bubble water, your subconscious imagines it to be a place of natural flora with the right aroma and a perception of being nestled in a valley that is far away from the city crowds. 

3. The Timber Tryst:

If you have a knack for premium decor, choose the interior that stands apart with its choice of colour and veneer. Timber wood, which is among the most premium wood, is at the top for a reason.

It gives you a 5-star feeling every time you enter your own bathing space just by the look of it. The timber essence of this veneer makes it totally unnecessary to add anything to the decor to make it complete. The minimalism that this veneer achieves along with the right flooring is going to be the showstopper of your home, including the living space itself. 

CenturyVeneers offers a great deal on its veneers, which happens to be award-winning. Choose the ones that you think will add the apt natural hue to your bathing space:



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