A N95 mask for your house
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A N95 mask for your house

The covid-19 pandemic moved the whole world in the past couple of months, while we all were locked inside our homes all of us realized how important it is to have a well maintained living space and also how crucial it is to keep a check on the cleanliness and hygiene of the same. Sanitizing each and every corner of the house was a daily practice during the lockdowns, especially cleaning spaces which are in direct contact with the human touch.

But while you were busy cleaning and sanitizing these places did you realise something that was common almost everywhere? The building material that we are the most close to in our day to day life, plywood, from kitchen cabinets to wardrobes, doors, tables, etc, plywood is everywhere. Now imagine if there was a N95 mask for plywood, just like a N95 mask successfully prevents the spread of virus from one person to the other, this mask would’ve prevented the spread of viruses from surface contacts as well.

However crazy this might sound but there actually exists one such mask. Instead of referencing it as the N95 mask for plywood let’s call it by its real name i.e, ViroKill technology, yes you heard it right the ViroKill technology is one such revolutionary technology from the house of CenturyPly which prevents the spread of virus and keeps the hygiene of your place intact by killing 99.9% viruses that come in contact with its surface. 

But what exactly is the ViroKill technology and how does it work?

CenturyPly is the market leader of plywood for a reason, and that is because we are always innovating for the betterment of your needs. The Virokill technology is one such revolutionary technology that is specially engineered to have self-doctoring properties which helps in maintaining the hygiene of your place by not just eliminating the viruses.

This is possible because the technology was developed after conducting multiple experiments, finally the plywood was treated with specially designed highly actuated and energized nanoparticles which physically rupture and kill the microbes that come in its contact. The potential harm that chemicals can cause to the human body was also an important factor which was kept in mind and was successfully tackled making it 100% safe for use. The technology is also thermostable which means any radiation from the sunlight or moisture does not change the chemical neutrality of the furniture. Thus, ViroKill technology is an all-rounder and all-weather safe technology for your interiors.

To Conclude

Virokill technology is a scientific solution to protect you and your family from the attack of viruses, bacterias, fungus and other microbes and to keep your home healthy and hygienic.

Choose ViroKill technology and create a safe home environment.

Read more about it here: https://www.centuryply.com/virokillbycentury


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