A Modern Approach to Safe Homes
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A Modern Approach to Safe Homes

The world has surprisingly advanced a lot in the recent past. With continuous advancements materialising in parallel and combination, carrying multifold impact on a person’s life - it’s about time we bid goodbye to older ways of solving problems and welcome modern ways to make life velvety. One such point in question is the safety of your home.

Your home is an extension of yourself. While creating your abode, you make sure that it’s something truly unique, charming, and striking. From choosing the modern doorbells to newfangled showers to relax, you put in endless efforts to customise your design, your way and to bring out the details that make you happy.

The priorities have now changed from just beautiful and comfortable to safe, beautiful, and comfortable. And this new found set of preferences require nothing else but modern solutions.


What’s the solution?

One such modern technology from the house of CenturyPly is Firewall. Fire protection is the need of the hour, considering the increasing fire accidents in the country. The revolutionary Firewall technology is embedded in the polymer matrix of plywood, fusing it with chemicals that make the plywood fire-retardant. This humble building material can be used almost in every nook and corner of your home to protect you from any fire-related accidents.

In an unfortunate event of a fire in your home, the fire-retardant plywood contains and delays the spread of fire, providing you with the extra time to call for help and rescue yourself and your loved ones. This plywood is also tested to emit less smoke and toxic gases, thus saving you from suffocation, which is usually one of the leading causes of fatalities in such events.


Using Fire-retardant Plywood in Modern Homes

Firewall technology is currently available with the superior Architect Ply and Club Prime plywood, which are completely waterproof and resistant to borers and termites. These premium quality plywood mixed with the fire fighting properties is what makes the home best suited for current and future lifestyles.

Fire-retardant plywood can be used majorly in spaces like kitchens which are more prone to open fires.

Because this plywood is highly durable and resilient, your home would be fool-proof for years to come.


So, if you plan to build a home, wear a hat of a practical futurist, and take every step to save yourself and your family from any kind of trauma related to fire accidents. Your go-to solution, in this case, must be building your premises with the fire-retardant plywood. Because in the end, modern problems require modern solutions.

Learn more about this revolutionary technology here: https://www.centuryply.com/firewall-technology

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