A Huge Range Of Plywood To Choose From
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A Huge Range Of Plywood To Choose From

Be it working from home or working from your office cubicle, your work set up dictates your productivity and output. A living room sofa or an office cubicle chair, comfort and durability matters the most i.e, the furniture plays an important role in every household and every workplace. Accompanying comfort and durability has to be designs that attract one’s eyes and brightens the overall theme of the space. Good furniture makes for a good interior.

The quest to pick the right furniture begins with choosing the right building blocks for it- for instance, plywood. The kind of wood that goes into making your furnishing determines the comfort, durability and the longevity of your furniture. To equip you with the right choices, Centuryply has a wide range of options to choose from -

Architect Ply

A premium option, Architect Ply is our extremely uniform plywood with minimal thickness variation and comes with a lifetime warranty. The ideal solution for personal and office spaces, architect ply makes your furniture designing easier by giving you an edge in terms of craft and endurance. Combined with all our best technologies, Architect ply is embedded with the ViroKill technology, the Firewall technology & is even protected against borer & termites making it your best bet for a design oriented selection. 

Club Prime

Plywood of superior quality that promises you 25 years of warranty can only be our Club Prime. Embedded with our Firewall and Virokill technology, Club Prime is glued to perfection with each layer treated against borers and termites. The Glue Shear Strength is 65% stronger than an ordinary ply propping its strength and shape retention. Our waterproof plywood passes 25 stringent tests makes the perfect choice for your furniture needs.

Bond 710

Completely waterproof in nature, Bond 710 is a premium Boiling Water Proof Marine Grade plywood. Each layer of Bond 710 is protected against termites, borers and viruses and glued to enhanced durability. With a composed core, we provide you with a 15 years warranty and a promise against duplicate plywood. Longer life and better strength is the right choice of plywood to pick for your interiors.

Sainik 710

As the name suggests, Sainik 710 is a soldier among plywood protecting against the enemies of wooden furniture - pests and changing climatic conditions. the multiplied strength makes it bend resistant. An ideal pick for office or personal use, Sainik 710 is our Boiling Water Proof Grade plywood that comes with an 8 year warranty. If you’re looking for an option that goes easy on the pockets, bet on Sainik 710 to meet all your needs.

Win MR

Premium quality Win MR with better durability than any other commercial grade plywood is our eco-friendly design made from seasoned wood. Win MR is not only treated against wood damaging pests but also water moisture resistant and comes with a 5 year warranty. Made with superior quality hardwood timber, Win MR is accompanied by optimum strength and durability making it best suited for commercial purposes. 

Sainik MR

With high resistance to all climatic conditions, Sainik MR is a water resistant plywood. The weather-resistant quality makes it swell proof. Chemically treated against pests and bonded with Melamine Fortified Urea Formaldehyde Synthetic Adhesive, this option goes easier on your pockets. With a 5 year warranty, Sainik MR is affordable grade plywood that is bend-resistant making it dimensionally stable.

Film Face plywood

With high resin content paper pasted over the plywood, Film Face is best used in heavy construction. Specially treated with preservatives, tenderized veneers and special PF resin used to bond the plies together we promise superior surface strength. Available in 30kg and 34kg variants, Century Film Face is curated to meet your construction needs, making it a contractor’s number one choice.

IS:710 Marine

Our Marine Grade plywood IS 710 is equipped to withstand the eccentric changes in weather. Protected with Virokill technology and microbial decay desistance pressure treatment, IS 710 promises protection against insects and marine organisms. Made with durable hardwood timber, IS 710 comes with a 20 year warranty. This waterproof plywood has a thicker face and undiluted glue making it an ideal choice for fishing boats and marine uses.

We curate plywood with the customer’s needs in mind. Durability is a promise when you pick Centuryply. Reliable and responsible, we specialize in manufacturing wood that lasts long and provides you with utmost protection.

Enquire now - https://www.centuryply.com/plywood 

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