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Update your Home Interiors with High-end Plywood Panels

Update your Home Interiors with High-end Plywood Panels - CenturyPly

The versatility of plywood is acknowledged worldwide, a testament of which can be found in the numerous uses it finds in interior decor. The new trend in 2020 is opting for high-end wood paneling to create sophistication and elegance in various rooms in the house. Plywood panels lend an exotic, premium feel to a room and elevates the standards set by the carefully curated furniture, wallpaper or even a room’s lighting. So, bring out the best in your home ambiance with premium quality wood panels. Read on to find out how.


You can unleash your creativity and use plywood panels in almost every room in the house. For instance, if you want to use it in the master bedroom, select square wood panels as an alternative to the typical horizontal or vertical wooden panels regularly used to create an accent wall. This will add an air of luxury to your space. Experiment by putting them on the wall behind your television or along a sitting area in your bedroom. You can even consider covering the entire wall behind your bed with square wood panels for a truly luxe appearance. It is always recommended to use premium quality BWP plywood variants like ArchitectPly, Club Prime or Bond 710 for the same purpose.


If you want to use plywood panels in the living room, make sure you use high quality plywood variants like Architect Ply, Club Prime or Sainik 710. Panels can be installed on the adjacent walls behind your living room furniture like the sitting area, desk drawer, wall-mounted TV, etc. or if you have a statement furniture on display, place plywood panels along the back or around the furniture for an opulent look. Any light-colored wood is a wise choice for easy-breezy and contemporaneous decor. For a more conventional style, darker-colored panels will work fabulously.

Update your Home Interiors with High-end Plywood Panels - CenturyPly


Plywood panelling can elevate your kitchen area to the next level. If your kitchen has open shelving, plywood panels will look great on the wall behind the shelving. You can choose to cover the entire area or even alternate between the shelves for a muted, sober look, depending upon your preferences.

Plywood panel accent walls will make any room look more attractive. Even if there is no scope of decorating a room otherwise due to its nature of construction, you can rely on plywood panelling to add the oomph factor a space needs to create a lasting impression. It is always recommended to use premium quality BWP plywoods that also come with the fire-retardant feature in a kitchen setting. You could use ArchitectPly or Firewall for this purpose.

Plywood wall panels can bring an air of luxury into your home. For more information on plywood panels, contact us today!

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