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Update your Home Decor with Antiviral Laminates

Update your Home Decor with Antiviral Laminates - CenturyPly

If you are keeping up with the current trends in the realm of home decor, you will see an increase in the popularity of decorative laminates among professionals like interior designers, contractors and even homeowners alike. A sharp rise in demand for antiviral laminates suggests that interior hygiene has become a priority for all Indian homes in the quest to successfully combat a global pandemic. CenturyLaminates with ViroKill Technology with its contact killing mechanism that eradicates 99.99% viruses, fungus, bacteria & microbes aids you in this endeavour by keeping your home safe and hygienic.

Perfect for your home and office, laminates are the ultimate interior decor solution to create a stylish, modern and contemporary living space. High-pressure laminates have always been a favourite of architects, builders and others due to its luxe appeal, all at an affordable rate. They are supremely versatile as they can be applied almost anywhere in the house from kitchen countertops, tables, shelves, cabinets and many other places. They have become almost essential to modern living and working spaces for their qualities are simply unmatched.

Update your Home Decor with Antiviral Laminates - CenturyPly

If you consider keeping your furniture clean and creating a healthy home environment a high-maintenance job, you might be relieved to hear about the many benefits of CenturyLaminates. Read this blog and find out the features of these antiviral & antimicrobial laminates as well as where you can use them to elevate your home decor.


1. Completely hygienic

CenturyLaminates are manufactured using certified ViroKill Technology that kills up to 99.99% viruses, bacteria, fungus & microbes. These antiviral, antimicrobial, antifungal and antibacterial properties are valid for the lifetime of the furniture and are non-leachable, meaning that the properties cannot be washed away or depleted. Therefore, any laminated surface can act as a shield for your furniture and keep you from harm’s way.

2. High resistance to scratch, stains & mars

High-pressure laminates have extremely high resistance to scratches and can be effectively used in areas where one expects high traffic, such as the kitchen, dining table, bathroom, etc. They are also perfect for your child’s room as laminates are tough and durable. They prevent staining, malodour or mars, ensuring your furniture to remain clean and safe at all times.

3. Wide range

Designed for modern homes, high-pressure laminates from the house of CenturyPly come in a lot of varieties-- they are available in exotic finishes, colours, patterns that will suit your sensibilities.

4. Low maintenance

Affordable and super low in maintenance, all you need to do to clean your CenturyLaminates is wipe it with a microfiber cloth from time to time. Dust once a week and clean with mild cleaning agents to maintain the lustre of your laminates and they will remain brand new for a long time to come.

Due to the numerous benefits that CenturyLaminates offers, they can be used creatively to spruce up almost any corner of the house.

1. Living Room

Use bright and warm colours to create an inviting living room. Dress up the TV cabinet, sofa, coffee table and more with wonderful glossy laminates or a more sophisticated European matt-finish laminates and see the family gather together to create unforgettable memories.

2. Bedroom

If you want a bedroom that exudes opulence, use wood-based or light coloured laminates to create a calming effect, seeing as how the bedroom is your choice of place to relax and find some peace of mind. If you are in the mood to experiment, use two-tones of the same colour for the closet or the bedside table to add depth to the entire vibe.

3. Dining Table & Kitchen

Update your Home Decor with Antiviral Laminates - CenturyPly

An ideal solution for both residential and commercial spaces, our laminate sheets come with a number of distinct distinctions such as antibacterial, fire retardant, scratch and impact resistance properties that make them a cut above the rest. If you are confused about which finish to choose, high gloss laminates in bright, solid colours are a perfect go-to variety of laminates to create a modern, convenient kitchen or dining table design. 

4. Kids Room

Designing a kid’s room can be a challenging but a rewarding task. It is the one room where you can unleash your creative side. Choose from a horde of flamboyant, solid coloured laminates to attractive patterns, textured laminates and more from our range to create a beautiful room for your kids that they will fall in love with.

Whether you are planning to revamp your home or aiming to give it an aesthetic touch, you just can’t go wrong with decorative laminates. They are preferable over other materials because nothing comes close to the variety and unique characteristics that they provide. Their properties of being abrasion-resistant, ease of installation and cost-effectiveness make them the number one choice for interior decor. Explore our collection of CenturyLaminates today and we promise you, we have something for everyone!


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