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Specialty Laminates that Can Transform your Office Space

Specialty Laminates that Can Transform your Office Space - CenturyPly

Your office is a place where you spend a major chunk of your time-- a safe haven where you put your productivity to the test, have at least two major meals of the day and form professional relationships that last you a lifetime. It is important for your office to translate into a comforting space where you feel energised instead of dull, proactive instead of bored and inspired instead of fatigued.

According to research, your office environment has a significant role to play in cultivating your creativity, productivity and delivering mental peace and satisfaction. But with the ever changing global interior decor trends, keeping up with them might prove to be a mammoth task, especially when one is thinking about revamping their office. This is where specialty laminates prove to be an ally to all those who want to improve their office interiors. Let us explore CenturyLaminates wide range of specialty laminates and what makes them the best option for office interiors.


All CenturyLaminates boast of superior quality raw materials, resins, adhesives and additives. They are made with Silver Nanotechnology that retards and kills 99.99% bacteria, fungal and microbial growth. Enriched with ViroKill technology, these laminates are also antiviral in nature, helping you keep your office space safe & healthy.

As the name suggests, CenturyLaminates has a unique range of specialty laminates that were devised to serve special purposes. Explore their specialty laminates below:

Switchboard Panel: These laminates are most suitable for paneling of switchboards for industrial buildings, commercial complexes and institutions. In case of home decor, they are made available in solid colours, wood patterns and fancy designs. Additionally, these laminates are available in fire retardant variety. These laminates prove to be highly resistant to scratches, abrasion, moisture absorption and their resistance to fire also helps them remain intact for a long time.

Specialty Laminates that Can Transform your Office Space - CenturyPly

Magnetic Laminates: Magnetic CenturyLaminate as the name suggests is a highly innovative decorative laminate equipped with the unique property of a holding magnet. These laminates can be used in conference rooms, notice boards or cubicles to pin up important information intended for the perusal of the employees. They come in a variety of colours that exude vibrance.

Fire Retardant Laminates: These laminates are very sturdy and can be used in any area of the office, especially those that are prone to fires. Made with a special thermosetting resin, the laminate sheets retard the spread of flames over the surface of the product and are tough against all normal wear and tear.

White Marker Board: Beautifully non-porous and highly glossy, this specialty laminate is perfect for the conference or meeting rooms as they allow any user the ease of writing, wiping and rewriting. It is the only commercial laminate in the market to offer a 7 year warranty, a testament to the high quality of the product. Add them as a decorative as well as functional element to your office and be rest assured that they will come in handy for all future projects!

Specialty Laminates that Can Transform your Office Space - CenturyPly

Chalk Board: If you favour the old-school ways and have a special place for tradition in your heart, these laminates are perfect for your office! They have a special surface that gives a perfectly legible and sharp appearance to the written matter with dry chalk.

If you are ready to explore some ideas about how to give your office a new look, explore the vast range of CenturyLaminates. With the finest laminate designs, colours, patterns and attractive features like antiviral properties, low maintenance, value-for-money pricing and more, you are sure to find something that will suit your sensibilities. Take a look at Century specialty laminates here: https://www.centuryply.com/centurylaminates/

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