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CenturyPly Firewall: Benefits & Applications

CenturyPly Firewall: Benefits & Applications - CenturyPly

Do you want to give your interiors a makeover without compromising on safety? Are you looking for plywood that is safe from fire hazards, water damage and termite attacks?  Then CenturyPly Firewall is the ultimate choice! 

Designing a strong, beautiful and safe home is no child’s play and one of the most challenging aspects of this responsibility is to choose the right building material for your interior furniture. To ease this process for you, CenturyPly offers you CenturyPly Firewall -- a product made with years of extensive research, technological investment and back-breaking work.


Firewall Ply, as the name suggests, is a fire-resisting non-leachable plywood from the house of CenturyPly that saves you and your belongings in the event of any fire! Firewall plywood due to its low flammability, low rate of burning and delayed flame penetration time, provides ‘Safety’ and ‘Security’ in the adverse event of a fire by delaying the spread of flame.

It can be used both for interior and exterior applications, like kitchens & food stalls, hospitals, commercial & IT offices, exhibition stalls & auditoriums, ship interiors, container construction, etc.

8 reasons why CenturyPly Firewall is the best choice to ensure your safety

CenturyPly Firewall: Benefits & Applications - CenturyPly

·        THE ONLY GENUINE IS 5509 PLYWOOD- While many manufacturers talk about fire retardance, Firewall is the only genuinely IS 5509 compliant plywood available. This is your assurance of safety and trust.

·        CONFORMING TO ASTM E84 STANDARD - AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR TESTING AND MATERIALS- Not only does Firewall conform to Indian standards, it meets international standards, the prestigious ASTM E84.

·        NANO-ENGINEERED PARTICLES FOR ENHANCED FIRE RESISTANCE- Firewall Ply is impregnated with specially formulated nano-engineered particles which resists ignition or flame penetration and helps to provide enhanced fire resistant properties. This gives you adequate time for going out to safety.

·        LESS SMOKE & LESS TOXIC GAS EMISSION- Firewall Ply is treated with a unique combination of enhanced fire-retardant chemicals. These ensure that less smoke and toxic gases are generated in case of fire, helping reduce the likelihood of suffocation and poisoning. One more reason to choose Firewall.

·        SLOWER FIRE PENETRATION RATE- Under standard test conditions, it takes over 50 minutes for flame to penetrate through a 19 mm sheet of Firewall Ply, and the rate of burning is 30 minutes. This helps in the rescue of people and the collection of important valuables and documents in case of fire. It also allows first responders to be able to tackle and put out the fire.

·        NON-HYGROSCOPIC MATERIAL TO PROTECT HARDWARE ELEMENTS- Firewall Ply absorbs very little moisture from surroundings and hence will not affect the hardware elements that could corrode due to moisture affinity of common chemicals. Also, there will be no delamination of plies.

·        STRUCTURAL INTEGRITY OF PANELS AGAINST FIRE- Both the inherent strength of the woods and adhesives used as well as the nano-engineered treatment allows Firewall to maintain its structural integrity when subjected to fire. One more layer of safety!

·        21 YEAR WARRANTY- Firewall comes with a 21-year warranty against borer and termite damage.

Learn more about CenturyPly Firewall here: https://www.centuryply.com/plywood/fire-wall-plywood

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