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CenturyLaminates: Features & Applications

CenturyLaminates: Features & Applications - CenturyPly

Thinking about designing mesmerising interiors for your new home? Or maybe, you are planning to elevate your office or home decor? In any of these cases, high pressure laminates (HPL) prove to be the most coveted choice. Produced by pressing thin sheets of kraft paper, decorative paper and resin together, designer HPL are the wonder material that every interior designer swears by, as they effuse a sense of sophistication without burning a hole in the pocket and offer various other benefits that make them worth every penny of your investment. Though decorative HPL have a myriad uses and applications, not many are aware of them. Through this blog post, we will explore the versatile range of CenturyLaminates and how it is your one-stop shop for an exclusive range of laminate sheets in exquisite designs.


CenturyLaminates: Features & Applications - CenturyPly

CenturyLaminates are manufactured by saturating multiple layers of kraft paper and decorative paper with resin. The resulting sandwich is fused under heat and pressure to create laminate sheets that are strong, durable, resilient and simply stunning to look at. These laminate sheets aren’t just for kitchens or the living room but can stand up to the rigorous demands of commercial spaces in the hospitality, healthcare and other industries where they perform well in both horizontal and vertical applications.

CenturyLaminates were designed to deliver contemporary lifestyle statements that have now become synonymous with modern living. Our exotic range of decorative laminates is characterized by higher color fastness and the best bonding properties with substrates available in the market today. As a bonus, all CenturyLaminates come with a warranty of 7 years! So, let us explore the different types of CenturyLaminates and its applications.


Lucida laminates are a super high gloss variety that comes with the highest resistance to scuff, abrasion, scratches and are also antiviral & antimicrobial in nature. They are supremely beautiful and low in maintenance, imparting strength and elegance to any area of the home or office. So, say goodbye to your maintenance worries with these sturdy and stylish high-gloss laminates. Their mirror-like finish will give your interiors a shine that lasts forever.

Recommended uses:

Lucida is suitable for high-traffic areas like the kitchen, reception, conference room, restaurant, retail showroom, kid’s room, dining room, living room, bar counter, etc.


Silk Tuff laminates are gorgeously designed sheets that gives you the look and feel of solid surfaces with a European matt finish [CC1] that give you the experience of solid surfaces with the ease of laminates. Give your interiors a touch of sophistication with hygienic antibacterial & antiviral Silk Tuff laminates and see your furniture come to life.

Recommended uses:

Silk Tuff laminates are perfect to use in the living room, kid’s room, bedroom, office cubicles, dining table, and more.


CenturyLaminates: Features & Applications - CenturyPly

This technologically evolved laminate allows absolutely zero fingerprints on its surface. The sheets are made using high quality kraft paper, compressed under high pressure and temperature, to produce a non-porous and anti-fingerprint surface that allows for easy cleaning.

Recommended uses:

Anti-fingerprint laminates are an obvious choice for hygienic areas like kitchens, toilets, hospitals, office desks, conference rooms and reception areas.


Star Line is a 0.8mm variant laminate from the house of CenturyPly. A fabulous collection, these laminates have great power to resist abrasion, higher colour fastness and offer the best bonding with substrates due to a very uniform and superior sanding.

Recommended uses:

Use Star Line to add extra strength from the flip side of furniture such as desk drawers, cabinets, closets, office tables, school furniture.


High quality Monocore laminates have the same colour decorative surface as the core layer, giving them a uniform look.

Recommended uses:

Ideal for your retail and commercial spaces, they ensure that while your interiors look sharp, the edges between two laminates are smooth.


We understand that there are certain areas or occasions that need special laminates. That is why we devised a range of specialty laminates that could serve every purpose you would need them for-- whether you need fire retardant laminates for industrial areas prone to fire hazards, magnetic laminates in your kid’s study room or office cubicle, shock-proof laminates for switch board panels, we have them all. 

CenturyLaminates provides you with a variety of laminates in exotic colours, designs, textures, patterns and the various properties of these laminates make them a perfect choice for residential as well as commercial purpose. If you are looking for laminates to design your home or workplace, the search ends here. Take your pick from a wide-range of laminate options from CenturyLaminates. In case of any queries, visit our website: https://www.centuryply.com/centurylaminates/

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