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A Guide to Buying Quality Plywood Online

- A Guide to Buying Quality Plywood Online

Constructing the house of your dreams entails using varied raw materials like bricks, cement, plywood and so on. These materials have to be carefully chosen, keeping in mind that the difference between a good house and a great house is the raw material that forms every corner of the house, including the furniture inside.

Plywood has over the years become one of the most sought-after raw materials, favoured by architects, interior designers and builders in general to form the core of one’s interiors. With the industry wide investments in production innovation and techniques, the Indian plywood industry has grown leaps and bounds. But, with more types of plywood flooding the market, the more confused our average audience gets. Which plywood shall I buy for my kitchen, or living room? Which company shall I choose? How do I check for plywood quality when shopping online? Let’s delve into some of these questions and attempt to clear this confusion.

Let’s begin with the basics. Plywood is an engineered wooden panel made with wooden veneers and panels stacked on top of each other which are glued together under considerable heat and pressure. It is commonly known as “ply” in the market. Buying plywood online         involves checking a few simple things like the type or grade of plywood, borer and termite resistance, warranty certificates, additional third party certificates, test reports, nail & screw holding capacity, density and so on.



a) Grade of plywood: What type or grade of plywood you should buy depends on the area you are buying it for. For instance, if you want plywood for the kitchen where there is a high possibility of contact with water and fire, choose BWP or fire retardant plywood. On the other hand, MR grade plywood suffices for use in the living room. Once you know which type of plywood you need, shopping online becomes that much easier.

- A Guide to Buying Quality Plywood Online

b) Nail & screw holding capacity: This is an important feature of a good quality plywood. This basically means that when a nail is hammered into the ply, the layers don’t split and show signs of brittleness. Good brands will always mention the nail & screw holding capacity of their plywood to give their customers the assurance of quality.

c) Test reports: Technical quality tests are done by companies to ensure conformity to government standards. It is a sign of good quality if the plywood passes all the specified tests. A successful and genuine brand that cares about their customers will make sure that their products undergo stringent quality tests. They will not only test them in house, but will boast of third party test reports to reiterate and verify the quality of their plywood from unbiased sources.

The Bureau of Indian Standards gives certain standards for general plywood that companies need to conform to.

d) Certifications: Certificates verify whether the product is borer and termite proof or eco-friendly or maybe fire-retardant. These certificates add an increased confidence with regards to the quality of the plywood. Check for these certifications before buying plywood online.

- A Guide to Buying Quality Plywood Online

e) Warranty: Warranty is an essential parameter to judge the quality of a plywood variant. Any reputed brand that trusts its product will provide customers a good warranty, ranging from 5 years to 25 years to even lifetime. Warranty is given against borer and termite attacks.

Now that you have this simple checklist of what to look for when you are shopping for plywood online, your experience should be a memorable one. Visit our website to browse through the CenturyPly plywood range.

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