5 Ways to Maintain Your Kitchen
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5 Ways to Maintain Your Kitchen


Are you thinking about maintaining the heart of your house? Or what steps can you take to upgrade your kitchen looks? For maintaining the kitchen's looks and health, CenturyLaminates - Lucida has designed various types of laminates for you. Laminates can not only redesign your kitchen and provide an aesthetic look, but they also can assist you in maintaining your and the health of your loved ones.

For maintaining your kitchen and restyling it, this blog provides great tips to help you. Moreover, you will learn how CenturyLaminates - Lucida laminates can be helpful for your kitchen! Read it till the end.

Table of contents:

➔ 5 ways to maintain your kitchen

           ◆ Select low-reflection surface

           ◆ Hygiene maintenance is important

           ◆ Make use of a Scuff-free plane

           ◆ Use light-reflecting glaze

           ◆ Decorate a corner that feels close to nature

➔ Some special tips for maintaining yourkitchen

➔ In a nutshell

5 ways to maintain your kitchen

Because of their easy-to-maintain features, laminates are highly recommended in houses. Together with it, they give your kitchen a modern and classy look. However, some steps are needed to maintain them in your kitchen.

1. Select low-reflection surface:

Make use of anti-fingerprint laminate for your kitchen cabinets or counter. CenturyLaminates - Lucida laminates have fingerprint, scratch, heat, and dirt-resistant features. They have a low reflection surface that helps you notice grease marks or smudges on them. Isn't it easy to clean the stains when you can notice them easily?

2. Hygiene maintenance is important:

Only cooking healthy food is not an option to keep you healthy. You need to maintain a hygiene level within your kitchen. For this, CenturyLaminates has designed antibacterial laminates. These laminates are made with Virokill technology and can help you maintain the growth of microbes on your kitchen counter or cabinets. These are designed by using some special microbial additives. These additives help your kitchen free from termites, mould, and other pathogens.

3. Make use of a scratch-free plane:

It is common to get scratches on the kitchen counter. So, using such laminates to maintain your plane free from scratches will make your kitchen look beautiful forever. Keeping this requirement in mind, CenturyLaminates has launched matte finish laminates. These reflect ordinary light and resist scratches. Stains and dirt are not easily visible on the matte finish laminates. As a result, they are prone to heavy use and provide high maintenance to your kitchen.

4. Use light-reflecting glaze:

Using solid colours or textures makes your smaller kitchen look larger than it is. When you use bright colours, they reflect a lot of light, and your kitchen will look spectacular. CenturyLaminates brings gloss finish laminates to provide a mirror-like finish for your kitchen. These laminates provide an irresistible appeal to your kitchen. For a premium finish to your kitchen interior, CenturyLaminates launched Lucida laminates. So, what are you waiting for? Give an enticing look to your kitchen now!

5. Decorate a corner that feels close to nature:

If you are an essence lover, you can design a corner in your kitchen with wooden textures. Having a kitchen corner with wooden materials makes you feel close to nature. You can use wooden laminates designed by CenturyLaminates to maintain this taste. It will provide an awe-inspiring vibe to your cooking skills. With these wooden laminates, your kitchen will have an earthy and aesthetic look.

Some special tips for maintaining your kitchen

Although CenturyLaminates are designed with various technologies and safeguard your kitchen from fire and other accidents, it is necessary to let them in proper shape to get the benefits. Some special tips can help you maintain your kitchen laminates.

● Dust your cabinets or counter regularly. By dusting them daily, your laminate does not lose its sheen. It is very easy to dust CenturyLaminates You only need to wipe them with the help of a wet cloth.

● If scratches are present on your laminates, use non-scratch cream or liquid to remove them.

● Wipe the laminate properly, and do not let any residue remain on it.

● CenturyLaminates are made from paper and have a natural sheen. So, do not use a steam cleaner to remove the stains.

● You can use acrylic finish laminates as they are moisture resistant and protect your kitchen furniture, and do not easily fade.

● If you wish to get a sweet look for your kitchen, CenturyLaminates presents pastel laminates for you.

In a nutshell

With the variety of CenturyLaminates, you can not only decorate your kitchen but also maintain it easily. CenturyLaminates are designed with unique features that give your kitchen an innovative look and safeguard techniques. So, what are you waiting for? Follow the steps mentioned earlier and maintain your kitchen from today!

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